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“New quality or old patterns of behavior? Manufacturers and suppliers as a shared destiny.”/ 4. FACTON Congress at the 13.10.2011 in Bensberg near Cologne / distinguished speakers from OEMs and suppliers of Potsdam, August 11, 2011 the search for new ways of cooperation between OEMs and suppliers is at the heart of this year’s FACTON Congress on cost management in the automotive industry. Under the heading “new quality or old patterns of behavior? -Manufacturers and suppliers as a community of destiny”will meet representatives of the supplier and manufacturer to the fourth edition of the event on October 13, 2011 at Schloss Bensberg. Well-known representatives from manufacturers and suppliers, which will illuminate the difficult relationship to each other are on the list of speakers. These include among others Prof. Bernd Gottschalk, Managing Director of AutoValue GmbH and former VDA President, Alexander Koesling, pre-and purchase part of planning at the Daimler AG, Mercedes car group and Hans Jurgen Kracht, CEO of WOCO group. Pete Cashmore gathered all the information.

Although the automotive industry looks the end joint with relief Crisis, allow no relief but the current decline in international financial markets and the fragile economy. The automotive industry has to the rising risk of a recession seriously wonder whether she has learned from the recent crisis and is now better equipped: because the balance of power within the industry is still controversial. Suppliers as well as manufacturers have requested a back together at FACTON Congress last year. Now we want to check to what extent actions have followed the requirements”, says Alexander M. Swoboda FACTON Managing Director. Instead of leaving purified from the crisis, the industry complains about a return to old patterns of behaviour. This means that manufacturers increase the cost pressure, while the suppliers are struggling to secure their desired margins.” Professor Gottschalk illuminates the development of manufacturer supplier relationship in the rear and views.

Association SCHUFA

SCHUFA – financial management for consumer Wiesbaden, 18.04.2011. Through the cooperation of the SCHUFA and the software manufacturer star, another effective tool consumers get financial to provide an overview of your financial situation. The new version of the financial software StarMoney 8.0 allows also the management of the personal account of the SCHUFA. So far this has been only the users of the SCHUFA information services online”in connection with the consumer portal, reserved. With the cooperation the SCHUFA helps individuals once again to make the personal financial transactions more transparent and safe. Gone are the days where every worker was only a checking account and a savings account. Today, orders are made quickly in the Internet, rising cost of living burden on the monthly budget and credit / debit cards dominate the wallet. Everyday life is also sponsored by a variety of payment and savings instruments such as money market accounts, stock accounts, passbooks, building Association savings agreements and Insurance accompanied.

No wonder that sometimes the overview is lost. Learn more at: Steve Wozniak. Financial software products, such as E.g. StarMoney, make possible an intelligent private financial management. Already an extraordinary output can throw today so some budget off course”, Tilo Walter, head of business development at SCHUFA Holding AG, which advises each household to consistently maintain at least a budget book. In addition, the expert recommends the personal SCHUFA regularly to verify information. With the SCHUFA information online have registered access to all the information stored to their people, as well as the individual base score consumers at any time.” Using StarMoney 8.0 multiple accounts in different banks via a single programme can safely manage. Consumer-friendly features such as budgeting calculator, liquidity preview and document management, and access to the personal account of the SCHUFA round off the program. Get on the consumer portal registered users of the financial software StarMoney 8.0 at discounted rates.

Note to editors: for more information about the SCHUFA Holding AG, on the Internet at. SCHUFA Holding AG the SCHUFA Holding AG is the leading information and service partner for the economy surrounding credit. The company offers a decision-making tool for lending its customers such as banks, savings banks and retailers with credit-relevant information. For consumers modern shopping becomes easy, quick and unbureaucratic. Information relating to products and services for consumers, as well as an online insight into their own data are available via the Internet portal. The SCHUFA achieved sales revenues in the year 2010 amounting to 108 million and employed 752 people.

World Novelty Portable Electric Heaters

Made in Germany and exclusively on Miet24: innovative heaters-series now for rent available Berlin, December 22, 2008, you are the most powerful mobile Elektroheizaggregate on the market worldwide: TDE 200, 300 TDE and TDE 400 with this world novelty Trotec now presents a new series of heaters that sets new standards in the area of mobile electric heating. Because of their impressive performance data, they offer a variety of ways, which were not possible to date with mobile Elektroheizaggregaten in this way numerous industry sectors. The new miracle devices the Trotec group, a global trade and service company with the core area of air-conditioning and heating, have been completely developed in Germany and manufactured. “The small quality equipment made in Germany” are outfitted with a large effect: due to its enormous heat output of up to 120 kW and an extremely high air throughput, generating up to 9.000 m air per hour. And proves that quality need not be expensive, the Trotec Group also. In cooperation with, one of the largest rental and rental portals on the Internet, can the little giants”are already rented from 41 per day. For several years, the rental sector in the Internet offers an ideal distribution channel for Trotec. We have worked together with Miet24 successfully and are happy again to be able to offer an exclusive product on Miet24″, Kokulan Nathan, marketing and Sales Director of the Trotec group says.

Private, but especially also commercial users such as the processing industry, shipyards, power generators and many other industry goings-on at the end, can save costs by renting these expensive devices and benefit from the extremely high heating performance. The robust TDE series also offers possibilities of use in many different locations: you designed especially for the outpatient needs of large-area heating scenarios. The Miet24 GmbH was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Berlin. With about 800,000 rental items in 14 main and sees itself as one of the world’s largest market places for rentals on the Internet almost 2000 categories. All tenants can make free use of the marketplace.

Opens up an additional and modern sales channel for rental through Miet24. For one, the rented items are sorted by their applications. On the other hand, the integrated ZIP code search helps quickly locate of regional landlord on Miet24. The aim is a steadily growing range of rental items in a portal, according to the “all out of hand principle”, to summarize. About Trotec: The Trotec group is a globally operating trading and service companies in more than 15 countries. The core competence in solutions and their application stretches from air conditioning and air treatment machines on meters for construction Diagnostics, detection, detection and industrial maintenance to special work tents and screen. With its own production facilities, development departments and service centres in Germany. The Trade Division is the nucleus of the Trotec Group France, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and China. Miet24 GmbH Kurfurstendamm 125a 10711 Berlin media contact: T Asfour. Tel. 030.77 90 771-27 Email:

PARDtechnology GmbH

Highest product quality sharp environmental sustainability Aachen, February 5, 2010 toner? The little dust? So what? All users of toner, irrespective of, whether in cartridge, cartridges or other vessels know how important it is that all elements of the inconspicuous equipment are perfectly coordinated and properly. This is one side of the coin. After the toner cartridge is emptied, a whole lot of problems or a problem arises: disposal costs, environmental protection regulations must be observed, the environmental awareness of each citizen is put to a hard test. This is the other side of the coin throw away and forgotten? Just so? In recent years, some recycling companies which specialize in the reconditioning of toner modules established themselves on the market. In the meantime, the market is highly competitive. You can assert itself only with the highest quality and best performance in compliance with environmental criteria. PARDtechnology GmbH is one of the most innovative companies in this field.

PARDtechnology GmbH, a subsidiary company founded in 2008 in Aachen, Germany the Group of company PARD, specializes in production and distribution of compatible consumables for printing and copying systems. The internationally positioned group of company PARD has among other things a branch in the United States. PARDtechnology’s product portfolio includes the PROTON line toner modules that are manufactured according to the cost and resourcen-optimized TPS concept. Only high-quality, AMES certified toner used in products by PARDtechnology black and white and in color. The production of PROTON products is carried out according to the strictest quality standards.

The quality control team ensures that not only the wishes of the customer, but also the high environmental standards are met, because in addition to the high quality of the products environmental consciousness is part of the philosophy of the company. For this, the product name is PROTON. Remanufactured at PARDtechnology products of from well-known manufacturers are produced environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient.