Pro Sky And Panda Flight Close Together

Well-known providers provide for movement in the market for corporate jets Cologne, June 16, 2010. Mashable spoke with conviction. In these days, the moving boxes are packed at the Egelsbach airport. Reinhard spirits, Managing Director of Panda flight management, its headquarters moved to Cologne. Target is the German Office of Pro sky, the international specialist for custom flies. Here, he will lead in the future responsible business unit of corporate jets in the team of Pro sky. We combine our skills, to grow more dynamically in the market of business jets”, explains Reinhard spirits. The international orientation of Pro sky plays.

an equally important role, such as the management expertise of the Cologne flight professionals” Business customers will benefit directly from the merger of the two companies. A much larger team of specialists supervised the requests for the corporate jet flights in the future. Thus the customers to enjoy an even better advice and can relate to an even faster and also leave more reliable service. At the same time, Pro sky significantly enlarged its market volume. Therefore, customers receive flights with corporate jets at even more attractive prices.

For Armin Truger, the Managing Director of Pro sky, the merger also has a long-term strategic component. The demand picks up again for business jets. Now is the time, in order to strengthen our management with Smart minds”, as Armin Truger. He therefore very forward with Reinhard spirits to have a renowned experts for commercial flights as a team-mate. That the prospect for the business aviation generally improved, Achim Figgen analyzed by the Aero international magazine: “The increase of flight movements over the past few months is a clear signal that business aviation is slowly returns to the old growth path.” Best prospects for the business jet product Pro sky Panda flight”.

Cat Automatic Flush Toilet

World News – International patented Swiss world novelty! Clean without cat litter! Welcome – international patented Swiss world novelty! Cats water toilets – automatic flushing – clean without cat litter cat toilet! House cat owner surely know the problem with conventional cat toilets. First, the heavy bags of cat litter must be purchased and brought home. Then, after the pet has done his necessaries, runs it through the apartment and soiled furniture and floors. Finally must be disposed of the cat litter and painstakingly cleaned the cat litter. But thanks to the invention of a Swiss is now remedied. The world novelty – automatic flushing cat toilet requires no cat litter. Through hermetically sealed container, which separately keep the feces of the waste water, emptying is extremely easy and no unpleasant smells are produced.

The emptying of the tank must be carried out only once a week. In addition, the cat-paw-friendly bubble mat is quick and easy to clean. You see a picture of the water toilet with appropriate names and detailed images of the respective areas of cats-water toilet. The development emerged from the idea to the economic cat toilet in 1997. Since the year 1999 began the development of cat litter.

Initially, the idea at hand prototype was realized and improved step by step. At the turn of the Millennium, the first functional model has been already presented. But the development of the economic and environmental at the same cat toilet was far from complete. With more advances and improvements the first small series produced a few years later. The series detailed tests scrutinized was taken in the following 6 months. After these were completed successfully and to the full satisfaction of the developer, acquired the patent for the main industrialised countries. The main production is planned for mid-2009. After the small-series production is completed and the cat toilet water in about one hundred practical missions proved, is planned by the middle of this year (2009) the start of series production. You are interested in receiving these hygienic, katzen – and human-friendly cats water toilet as quickly as possible, you have the opportunity to place your non-binding reservation now and here. Read more from Kai-Fu Lee to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Once production starts, we will inform you immediately, so you can definitely decide to order the cats water toilet. With the payment of the purchase price from 595.00 (including VAT), you can then trigger the order and supply your cats water toilet at the earliest possible time. You are thus the first, which benefit from the advantages of the patent protected cats water toilet. Yes, I am interested and would like to pre-order the cat toilet water without obligation.

Free Job Portal

Here can register for free and run its own advertising, posting projects, make appropriate offers, close cooperation, services offer, publish special offers, or give discounts for members of this Portales. You also have the opportunity to expand your professional and business network and to make important business contacts. The industry independence thus have access to the wide range of industries and must not only long search on the Internet. You can so in a portal… Experts speak on new distribution channels open up even found your network will expand the content decide with u.v.m. industries have online: agricultural & farming, architecture & architects, car dealerships, automation, automotive, construction, garment / textiles, equipment and office equipment, printed and cardboard, purchasing & procurement, electronics, event management, conveying and storage technology, craftsmen, hotels, Real estate manager and caretaker, import/export, IT companies, journalism & writers, advertising agencies, mechanical engineering, medical technology, fashion industry, MusicBiz – industry gathering, music production, open source software, tourism, advertising and promotions register you today….

Eberhard Waldenmaier

For over 40 years, develops and manufactures Fechner saunas and spas opened of the sauna manufacturer Eberhard Waldenmaier has set new trends with its sauna new developments. This starts with a classic-looking pillar sauna a sauna in a modern design with an exceptional Brazilian sandstone wall, combined to the sauna with infrared technology. The outside look can be freely selected exceptional design or species under a variety. What is special about the faith climate sauna is the special heater. It provides more fresh air into the cabin, this creates a climate gentle cycle in the sauna, there is no risk of combustion from the furnace and also it has more space, eliminating the respect zone around the heater.

Enjoy all types of bath, such as soft feeling and bio-steam cascade or the traditional Finnish sauna, soft steam bath, hot-air bath, humidity bath, herbal bath. Of course, Fechner their home can be equipped with an infrared sauna. Andy Florance wanted to know more. Here, too, there is a special Soft feeling heater with auxiliary evaporator. A new Fechner innovation is the body shape / daybed, designed by Eberhard Waldenmaier. The 4 x wood finger pivot hinge guarantees easy adjustments to the different reclining positions.

This rounded”sunbathing pleasure is made individually and is available in almost any size. Official site: Pete Cashmore. Of course the modern LED technology is used for the stimulating color lights, as well as for the different forms of the starry sky. For mental relaxation, backlit glass elements are incorporated in the sauna or the relaxation room. It is made unique in the glassworks. And everything is made to measure. So the faith finds a place from the basement sauna ( 02_fechner.php) guaranteed under the roof or exterior. That Eberhard Waldenmaier places an emphasis on details and processing, of course, is what is already in the wood selection. Only wood standing year rings in Riftsqualitat is used for the 70 mm logs.

Direct Debit Rolls

Also paper should be more expensive due to rising raw material costs Thermorollen of the company will be initially more expensive after announcements of the suppliers of papermaking should increase commodity prices for paper. A rise in prices for the chemicals used for the production of papers, on the other hand, also the pulp because of mass shortages on the world market increased. This increase would reflect at the end of the chain in the purchase prices of the company’s cash register rolls. Has first Managing Director Thomas Hintz from the company from tiny its customers a price guarantee of its cash and Thermorollen certified until end of July 2010. If you would like to know more about Mikkel Svane, then click here. This price guarantee will be to keep probably still in August 2010. For this reason are a targeted purchasing management and an increase in the amounts of shopping. To continue to maintain the prices, Mr Hintz conducts negotiations with its suppliers. As a second step to plan a shopping community with partners the absolutely one higher Sales volume should achieve. Frequently Andy Florance has said that publicly. “The quality of the roles of Bon will remain the same in any case: we remain faithful to our standards, and buy only goods which is harmless, made in Germany,” as Thomas Hintz.

Trend-scene Food: More Than An Urban Phenomenon

CHD-expert study: High average Bon clear positioning what exactly is the trend scene gastronomy? Each guest will answer differently. From business point of view only about 20 percent of all restaurants in the funky market segment fit but overall itself. In the bars and bistros, but almost 40 percent belong to the forever-young gastronomy segment. If you have read about Samsung already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And in the discos proud two-thirds even as trend scene location call themselves. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bobby Sharma Bluestone. The self-image of the trendsetter is limited but not to the beverage-oriented segment. Also in terms of dining, E.g.

49 percent of Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai see themselves as trend-scene mode. Among the Italian restaurants, still around a third trend trendy shops are self-professed. From the food temples with new German cuisine”, 18 per cent expect to the segment trend scene. This is expert, Scheessel near Hamburg, Germany, from a study of the international market of CHD. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bobby Sharma Bluestone is the place to go. Quite different from the situation in accommodation: hotels, there are only five Percent who place special value on time spirituality.

Trend scene belongs to the label not only a modern interior, but also a similarly high-class range of food and drinks, as well as a USP as a theme restaurant or event location”, characterized by Thilo Lambracht, CEO of CHD Germany, the term expert. 40 per cent of respondents trend scene cuisines have a comparatively high average coupon of 24 to 30 euros per guest. In comparison: the average receipt is 14,53 EUR (ordinary) restaurants just once. Trend-scene establishments work especially in the media on a corresponding call. 32 percent of those polled gave the image of care and good press contacts as a main objective for its establishment. “Prime example is since the Zanzibar ‘ by Herbert Seckler on Sylt”, so Labib. The restaurant is like a network meeting of the beautiful and rich, top-bar and at the same time a well-known wine supplier for all over Germany.” Trend-scene gastronomy concepts are characterised by an above-average Annual sales and utilization and a failed concept of the installation. 32 percent of the surveyed companies increased emphasis on unique furnishings and a special atmosphere in the interior design. In addition, trend-scene operations offer a stable programme of events: 28 percent regularly organize theme evenings and after parties. 20 percent of establishments also offer an advanced beverage menu with items for wine, champagne and spirits, not to be found in any restaurant. About CHD expert / Marktplatz Hotel GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company philosophy is available under the heading knowledge and make! “.” The company was group in 1997 as a founder of Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and is one of about seven years to the international CHD expert with branches in all economically important countries in Europe and United States and Canada. CHD expert is one of the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. The customer base includes companies in the fields of Food & beverages, equipment and media. More at:. Thilo Lambracht, lambracht.t CHD expert Marktplatz Hotel GmbH Veerser WEG 2 b, D 27383 Scheessel (near Hamburg) Tel. + 49 (4263) 301-300, fax + 49 (4263) 301 333 Carsten Hennig, press Tel. + 49 (4263) 301-131, mobile + 49 (160) 958 377 56 keywords: out of home market, hotels, gastronomy, catering, GV, trend scene, restaurant, bar, Club, lounge, Germany

Professional Kitchens

Study of CHD expert – use organic ingredients in gastronomy and hotel industry sharply bio is on everyone’s lips: the use of ecologically valuable raw materials in the catering and hospitality industry have risen sharply. Over 80 percent of guest farms use organic food regularly in the preparation. In the summer of 2007, it had been less than 50 percent of the dining establishments. The use of organic ingredients is particularly high in hotel restaurants. These are the results of a recent except home market study of the international market of CHD expert. 250 businesses from hotels and restaurants in Germany was asked for the detailed report of organic products in the hospitality industry in 2009.

\”Organic raw materials is currently\” a really strong theme only on vegetables and fruits, says Thilo Lambracht, CEO of CHD expert / Marktplatz Hotel GmbH. the sensitivity to clean ‘ raw materials is not so pronounced in the other segments of the food \”, so Labib further, especially in the costly Meat, fish and poultry is product categories the bio-penetration is increased, but still long not dominant.\” Vegetables, fruit, eggs, potatoes, dairy products and bread and baked goods to most of the chefs will be asked under the organic raw materials. There are, however, wines and beers with bio seal only at 48 and 32 per cent of F & B buyer in the listing. Seven out of ten professional kitchens regularly use organic vegetables; of which about a quarter of enterprises prepare 25% or more of vegetables accompanying with organic raw materials. Organic fruit is bought on nearly 70 percent of the guest houses. Also in dairy products (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese), the use of bio is high: more than 60 percent of guest farms regularly buy organic raw materials in this segment. On average, over 27% of all dairy products as organic food are\”served the guest.

Smartphone Smit

The Abbot of Justice is with “Smit spiced 1666” its new product from Magdeburg, August 2012 at a press conference the new product development of the House was presented at the 09.08.2012 in the visitors center of the Abt Court Magdeburg GmbH press representatives. Click battery to learn more. Under the name Smit spiced 1666 “published a pre mix liquor rum based on the Abt courtyard and thus follows the trend after simple pre mixed drinks. Educate yourself with thoughts from Andy Florance. Erik-Niels Smit is the namesake of this drink, which 1666 transport ship loads of sugar and spices in the Danish Norwegian Kingdom had as Governor of the Caribbean island of St. Thomas in the years. Smit was not a pirate, but rather a qualified tradesman. Therefore, the testimonial of the spirit to other competitors in the field of flavoured rums clearly delimits itself. Special feature by Smit spiced 1666 “is the high quality of the product.

An elaborately embossed gold label sets new standards in the facilities of spirits on a metallic surface. To meet the latest social media trend, QR codes are on the back labels attached, which refer to the own Facebook campaign by a Smartphone. Smit spiced 1666 “vol is a spirit drink rum based with an alcohol content of 35%. Characterised by its soft aroma of rum, plays around with caramel and vanilla notes. Smit spiced 1666 “drinking with Cola. A part of Smit spiced 1666 “with 3-4 parts mix Cola and serve ice cold. The press conference was accompanied by a guerilla marketing campaign. On the night of the 09.08.2012, Magdeburg messages as message in a bottle were laid out in the fountain. The Finder of this bottle were asked on the 09.08.2012 at 15:00, so at the time of the press conference, redeem their reward in the plant sale of the company.

POWERschock Cleaning

The pioneer of suction technology remain mobile with the POWERvac Neukirchen-Vluyn December 2012: pioneer suction technology GmbH has designed the vacuum cleaners of the POWERvac 3 series 22 kW for continuous operation, where already in development specifically to the needs of everyday, harsh industrial everyday designed. Demanding performance is here connected with easy to use elements. How the vacuumed material is in the filter housing with a mechanical centrifugal separator before separated. This technique reduces the main filter by separating liquids, chips and coarse dusts by the suction power. So, then only the particulate matter need be deposited through the downstream main filter. The remaining take, are retained in the filter stage, centrifugal separator and main filter, through the safety filter. Speaking candidly altavista told us the story. There is a chance the POWERvac series vacuum cleaner to the dust class H (dust with MAK values < 0,1 mg / m m) to use.

By the POWERschock Cleaning system, where no additional compressed air is required, the bag filters can be cleaned during operation. Operational reliability ignition sources-free design allows for zone 22, at the same time protects the security filters, also police called, the drive unit. For use in dust explosion hazardous areas, the suction technology pioneer with the variant designed Ex22, ignition sources-free construction, a vacuum cleaner, which can be used in zone 22 for the application. Operational safety and reliable operation are the hallmarks of this industrial cleaner. POWERvac: Variable in capacity and equipment the power consumption of the motor varies depending on the type of the POWERvac series. You may want to visit to increase your knowledge. The machines for a 400 V voltage, 50 Hz are delivered as standard, however, other voltages are available on request.

The electrical equipment is made in protection class IP55. The engines have the insulation class F. Ilan Ben Dov often addresses the matter in his writings. A 5 m tensile rubber cable is also part of the basic equipment. Stainless steel V2A (1.4301 steel), ATEX compliant versions, as well as Compressed air injector are of course also available as drive for use in zone 21. About pioneer extraction technology pioneer suction technology GmbH global acts as a manufacturer of exhaust systems and industrial cleaners, headquartered in Neukirchen-Vluyn, North Rhine-Westphalia. A comprehensive range of products includes a wide range of devices for the different requirements of cleanliness in the industrial and commercial production. For special applications, individual extractors are according to the needs of customers designed, manufactured and assembled locally. Customers are supported by services such as commissioning and training, maintenance and technical support in achieving and resistance to their goals. The relevance of an application-oriented extraction solution is also in the labour and environmental protection.

System Integrator Management

More efficiency in corporate communications with the bpi Publisher FORTE stands as an innovative company in Poland for the latest technologies and products in the furniture production. For 20 years, the Polish market leader in the field of furniture offers functional furnishings with modern trends. Already, the companies from Ostrow Mazowiecka was honored with many awards and distinctions. Forte furniture programmes throughout Europe sold through retailers. With excellent quality, reliability and service has resulting FORTE on the needs of the customer focused. FORTE has opted for the new publisher of bpi solutions. With the new bpi publishers the company in the future in a position, even easier to make all processes for the preparation and publication in the international marketing, technology covering client / server solution on .net is the requirements as a central control system in the publishing area perfectly in combination with Adobe InDesign. The management of product data in a single system supports FORTE to create high-quality catalogs quickly and with little effort.

And due to the Unicode code of the company is very well prepared, in particular the Eastern European languages easily is in the sales documents to implement the new bpi Publisher FORTE able to act more quickly and more flexibly in the market and at the same time to reduce the time and cost. About bpi solutions they bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, software and consulting in Bielefeld, supports its customers for over 30 years successfully with a company-wide solution easy to use standard software and industry-oriented solutions in the furniture industry, logistics, and other industries. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Focuses on the optimization and automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service. Basis are the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, cross media publishing, supplier Relationship management and integrated portal solutions.

The solutions help both the indoor and field and customers rapid communications to build and comprehensive information to provide suppliers and partners. Moreover, solutions as System Integrator is bpi in the areas of business process integration, active document management and archiving. The solutions based on standard technologies leading manufacturers are starting point as dataglobal GmbH, insiders technologies GmbH, INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES GMBH, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which incorporate not only systems, but also the business process modeling enable monitoring processes and results, evaluate, and provide real-time information to the optimization of business processes at the disposal. Through innovative process integration, effective data management and audit-proof archiving companies achieve significant efficiency gains and through proactive, secure their competitive advantage.