If the areas in expansion if find in more remote points of the territory, relatively distant of the areas metropolitans and the great urban centers, trend will be the formation of other areas that will pass if to consolidate, until reaching the saturation level, evidenced in other regions metropolitans and other great urban centers, starting to provoke those same phenomena that if find generalized by the whole world, and that they are considered ' ' clssicos' ' in the present time. In any way, either through the concentration in consolidated areas, either through the expansion of new areas, the observed trends historically, in the whole world, are of extreme concentration of people and productive activities in reduced spaces, that they are extended to the expenseses of the natural areas (or dedicated dantes to the farming activities, of mineral extration or forest exploration) and in detriment of lesser urban areas, and mainly, in detriment of the joint and integration of these last ones, between itself, and the great urban areas and regions metropolitans, with cited consequentes malaise previously, felt for the citizens. Exactly thus, the execution of the actions of integration and joint enter the urban centers of diverse sizes between itself and between the great urban areas and metropolitans it must be led to the handle with caution, not to configure a process of territorial occupation that produces situations that they provoke what it is seen and felt as that malaise, that the majority of the citizens the sectorial causes attribute. 5. WHAT IT MUST BE MADE? POINT OF VIEW TECHNICIAN 5,1 CONSOLIDATED AREAS consolidated Areas, as the described ones above, demand actions that depend on its respective profiles, to surpass the malaise felt for the citizens as being of sectorial origin, but that it results of processes of occupation and territorial use. 5.1.1? Actions of control and space rationalization These actions are proper for consolidated areas characterized for highly diversified a productive structure, with a propensity for high levels of incomes and with a trend of continued growth of the same ones.