Web Quality

-You can send us an assessment of the replies that have its franchisees when assessing the work of their Department? So far is quite positive. Taking into account that the valuation of the various departments is done in block and according to the latest survey data the level of satisfaction is 91%. It is a very positive figure but not why during this year 2010 we have lowered the guard, and the level of demand in each of our departments is greater annually. -How posted 465 contracts for the franchises with which so far they work? We have several types of contract, if mode hiperpapeleria is signed independently, accounted for as a high, if jointly signed a contract of ofimarket, and has different zone of exclusivity, counts as two high. If both contracts were signed on the same date, and have identical exclusive zone, counted as one (is what we call, the mixed contract), but if sign contracts for hiperpapeleria and ofimarket, though having identical area, on different dates, accounted for independently. The modality of contract distribution, or regulator warehouse Carlin, also accounted for independently.

Master-franchise contracts, not recorded in the register of quality. -With regard to the training given to the franchisee, do long the same? We have no predetermined time, we always offer the service of continuing education to the franchisee, and of course to their employees, but we could say, that appropriate training, would be of one week approximately passing through all the areas that will need work in the management of their franchise (computer program, shopping vendors, Web, telemarketing…, etc.). Also taught refresher courses for franchisees that have long been in the ensign and want to update their knowledge and to update on the latest changes. Finally, do considers that without the application of? would the quality standards with which such Carlin business model and its success in the market is governed not the same? The implantation of a quality system in accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001: 2008 (before 9001: 2000) dates from the year 2005, has undoubtedly helped to establish some parameters in order to evaluate and improve the service offered to our franchisees, for all and each of our departments as well as the approved provider. Despite this, I have to say that, prior to the introduction of this system, Carlin had their own protocols to offer the best possible service to its franchisees, as well as to identify their needs.