Vice President

Only the monographic work, students may register assets and those whose condition of graduate does not exceed two years. Arto. 8 Monographic work according to the complexity of the issue may be developed individually or in a group (max 3 students), in this case it will be composed of a multidisciplinary collective, in this case, students of different specialties of the UNI can do it jointly.

Arto. 9 Students performing work monograph must maintain properly enrolled, during all the process of elaboration and defence of the same. The registration of the work shall be carried out in each one of the faculties during the period established for tuition. Arto. 10. For the approval of the selected monographic subject the student must submit the following documents: letter of request addressed to the Dean. certificate notes. Protocol of the work Monografico.aprobado formally monographic work, within a period not greater five business days, the Dean assigned or ratified to the tutorcorrespondiente.

Arto. 11. Once the student has registered his monographic work and it has complied with the curriculum, the execution of the same time will have up to a maximum of (12) months, except in special cases. For this the students with the endorsement of the guardian, ask Dean the extension of time, which shall be notified to Vice President of academic affairs. Arto. 12. The work protocol, should contain the following: 1. Title2. Index of Contenido3. Introduccion.4. Antecedentes5. Justificacion6. Objetivos7. Framework teorico8. Hypothesis and Variables9. Design metodologico10. Schedule of ejecucion11. Bibliography Arto. 13 After having been adopted, the subject of monographic work students must comply with the following activities: to) Develop implementation schedule and perform activities in correspondence with the same as well, set the use of the tutoria.b) systematically submit drafts of the project to the tutor, for prior review. (c) make a Pre-defensa of the monograph before tutor and advisors in order to ensure the success of the defence, which will be held within one period not less than 10 days before the date in all aspects.