One day the majority of us will go to break up itself. We will feel homesicknesses of all the colloquies plays it are, the discoveries that we made; of the dreams that we had, of as many laughs and moments that we share. Homesicknesses even of the moments of tear, the anguish, the eves of ends of week, ends of year, at last of the lived fellowship. I always thought that the friendships continued forever. Today I do not have plus as much certainty of this.

Perhaps soon each one goes pra its side, follows its life, continues in them to find who knows in e-mails changed. We can telephoning in them to talk some bobagens There the days go to pass, months, years, until this contact to become each time more rare. We go losing in them in the time. One day our children summer those photographs and will ask: ' ' Who is these people? ' ' We will say that they were our friends and this goes to ache in such a way! They had been my friends, was with them that I lived the best years of my life! Then the day is necessary to cultivate the friendship day EWALD KOCH