Relaxation From The Computer

How can you release stress with the help of the Internet? Our life in the Internet age is always fast-paced. We are inundated by information and requirements of all kinds, and a lot of it comes directly from the network. Whether Facebook, iPhone, Twitter, or YouTube, offering virtual grows in the immense, and seems at first glance just as rapid diffusion and consumption can be thought. It spends more and more time reading, surfing, or networking, and loses it in the virtual jungle. Where does that leave the quiet, calm, and comfortable side of human? The page, which reveals itself only in the slowness, and threatening to drown in the constant flood of information? She has nothing more to look for in this Internet world, and we have to throw the computer out of the window to rediscover it? I no think it is this slowness on the Internet, only to be discovered, and is easily overlooked.

“The other day I found a video on YouTube entitled the sound of rain.” Since ten minutes there long the sound of a thunderstorm, and looks at a photo of raindrops on a puddle. The video was released in June 2008, and has been seen 2.5 million times since. These are over 3600 views per day. “Or: the video Amazon rainforest”. Da listens to half an hour only jungle sounds and considered the rain forest. Here, there are even more than 3.1 million calls, since the video was released in 2007. There are after all, the slowness in the Internet.

And obviously lots of people who are interested to explore. It really obvious, is to take advantage of the opportunities of the Internet for the relaxation. Because one of the advantages of this is precisely the speed of the network: you can at any time take a 5 minute break and enjoy a short relaxation video. If you, professional reasons, spends all day on the computer, it is so, to take advantage of the strengths of the Internet for such breaks. Or it takes slightly more time after work, and immersed in a virtual vacation. Researchers have found that just the idea of a quiet moment in a harmonious environment has a positive effect on the human organism. Pulse and respiration slow and the blood pressure drops. If so the imagination to do so enough to affect the body, so it is probably not surprising that the sight of a video with an idyllic natural scene has a similar positive effect on the organism. Can be significantly amplified the relaxing effect of such videos by the integration of relaxing music, and the combination with guided meditation. Why just learn the hectic side of the Internet if you can catch also rest and relaxation on the net? At best, you try it out yourself, and watch free relaxation videos some. Dr. Carl Neumann Pro connection Ltd.