United Nations

Only in the year of 1998, in General meeting of United Nations, then President Fernando Enrique Cardoso if compromissou to adhere to ‘ ‘ Directive principles of Reduction of the Demand for Drogas’ ‘ , established for State-Member, assuming a pact politician, social, sanitary and educational of permanent character, in the investment in programs of reduction of the demand. In the same year it was created National Secretariat Antidrogas (SENAD), that it had as objective to co-ordinate the actions of reduction of the demand and was subordinated to the structure of the Cabinet of Institucional Security of the Presidency of the Republic. Still into 1998, the Federal Advice of Narcotics was transformed into Conselho Nacional Antidrogas (CONAD). In 2000, was regulated by the President the National System Antidrogas? SISNAD, being that one of the basic principles started to be of responsibility shared between Government and the Society (SENAD, 2004). Already in III the National Conference of carried through Mental Health in the year of 2001, it detached the necessity of (reverse speed) affirmation (reverse speed) elaboration of strategies and proposals to accomplish and to consolidate an attention model the alcohol users and other drugs, that its attendance for the SUS guaranteed and considered its multifactorial character (and not only health problem), alerting to the society and the authorities for the situation. Also it established the ten basic recommendations for action in the mental health: 1. To promote assistance in level of primary cares; 2. Disponibilizar medicines of essential use in mental health; 3.

To promote cares communitarian; 4. To educate the population; 5. To involve communities, familiar and using; 6. To establish politics, programs and specific legislation; 7. To develop human resources; 8. To act of form integrated with other sectors; 9. To monitor the mental health of the community; 10. To support more research.