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government cnn economic George bush Jump to ComentariosEduardo Romero ‘No need to go to Mauritania or Senegal or Iraq, nor follow the crumbs to the blood-reverse-up stories in the heart of the forest. The heart is here. The cologne is here. Sometimes we travel far, travel great distances to avoid having clinton to turn the vote corner. Sometimes we run great risks, exciting adventures as well and vice versa that immigrants laboriously, to ignore reality. Painted “No War” on an industrial chimney in Malaga
Spain is the country where such election events attain greater significance. There is a theory that the media 2004 election result was influenced by the events of March 11, 2004. The fact that some voters think that the Madrid attacks might occur in response to the support of the Spanish invasion of Iraq, should serve as a catalyst. Remember that the Spanish government supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003 despite policy having all the other political parties and over 90 of the people against him. It is estimated that in Spain marched around eight million people. Citation needed
There was also a nearly unanimous consensus among artists and people of the show. Citation needed During the XVII edition of the Goya Awards, actors and directors led sheet saying race “No War” and turned the event into an argument against it. Subsequently, some of them participated in the famous bush Hay motivo!.
The intensity of these manifestations is also military noteworthy. Throughout education the spring of 2003, some issues of the PP headquarters were attacked by groups of radical anti-war. The digital newspaper congress Libertad Digital, contains culture an exhaustive list of such attacks .
During this period, Aznar had the political lowest popularity rating of the entire legislature, and polls currently give him a four-point advantage the PSOE.
And after the attacks, there were more demonstrations, religion but refer to the article of March 11 attacks in 2004, where he spoke extensively in attacks on Pique and Acebes or pans at the headquarters of the PP during the day of reflection.

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