Path to the Presidency

race Dae Jung in government 1985 return to his country, being held immediately at home and becoming congress one of vote the main leaders of the political religion opposition. With the fall of the power of Chun Doo-hwan in cnn 1987 the first democratic policy elections since political 1961. Dae Jung bush was present but suffered defeat to Kim united states Young-sam, his political rival and comrade iraq for years, and Roh Tae-woo, and former president of the dolphin.
In 1992 came to stand election for election, again military losing issues to Kim Young-Sa. At that time he education withdrew from politics and decided to devote himself to teaching at the University of economic Cambridge. In 1995, announced his return to politics and show, once again, in elections for George bush the presidency clinton of the country. culture On December 18, 1997 was to defeat his rival Lee media Hoi-chang, thanks to its junction with Kim Jong-pil, former Prime Minister of the country.