11 of April of 2005.Ento my friend, I do not know nor as to say Although I to have science of its lack of limits, recognize that you are very sensible and taste of the form as you I present me vises. I am passing for a situation that never I imagined to pass. In my life, from the moment that I started to think about having a better future, always I looked for to make the certain things, therefore always I believed that the result our harvests comes of what previously we plant. Of luck that always I looked for to plant good things. Until the present moment, I am made an impression as God has blessed me, has had very work and has reached the return of this work It has one dictated that it says that behind a great man exists a great woman clearly that this dictated nowadays is half ' ' naftalina' ' , a little are of the time. It would serve nor me, therefore I do not know if it would apply to a man of 1.60m But the fact is that to my side, well-known I have a great woman A person with she made whom me to believe that I could change the ways of my life, one friend for who I got passionate myself has 7 years and that today she is my wife I always admired it, for its ethics, capacity of if worrying about the people, for always having been it a good son I remember that my grandmother spoke to me that a good son would have everything to be a good wife With much fight, we reach victories that nor we imagined. we marry we had an excellent moon of honey and continue our life However, what it admired in it, a passion with that if it delivered what it believed, was bothering me on way therefore the time all its concerns were with the work, the economies for the future when taking a walk already is so tired that nor it tans right, prefers to be in house There what it happens, she appears a charming, glad person, amused, that likes to leave and it admires that me of pile. . More info: technology investor.