European Commissioner

Karel de Gutch thinks that Merkel and Sarkozy cannot decide alone the formulas to remove to Europe from the crisis. In order to calm to the markets, comisairo bet by " to dnder to the Euro at all costs and to put order in the budgets nacionales". The European commissioner of Commerce, Karel De Gucht, considers that the German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Nicholas Sarkozy cannot decide alone the formulas to remove to Europe from the crisis. In a published interview east Sunday in the digital edition of the flamenco newspaper Of Standaard, exministro Belgian of Exteriors thinks that the meeting that maintained Merkel and Sarkozy this week has solved nothing and must be interpreted like a simple putting common of its ideas facing the proposals that will do to the rest of European leaders. " Merkel and Sarkozy have not decided anything this semana" , it assured Gucht and it stressed that the prescriptions of the French-German axis do not constitute European proposals directly. Of Gucht it explains that the fact that France and Germany want to harmonize the tax of societies or to establish a true government economic in the zone of the Euro it is not enough so that these measures are approved, since they would require in addition deep adjustments in treaties.

" Perhaps Sarkozy tries to give the impression that it wants to think more about Europe, but does to its way, that is purely intergubernamental" , it maintained and it affirmed that one of the main weaknesses of Europe at this moment is that everybody behaves as if had decided something. Of Gucht one also talked about to the declarations of this week of the first president of impelling the European Commission and of the creation of the Euro, Jacques Delors, who considered that the European unique currency and the own communitarian project are in danger serious of extinction if urgent measures are not taken. " I understand that Delors is preocupado" , he indicated and he considered that very few which they know and they observe Europe are not worried. The commissioner considered that to calm to the markets it is necessary to extend the message that the EU will at all costs dnder the Euro and in addition to put order in the national budgets to avoid that is followed spending over which it is had. Source of the news: The European commissioner of commerce rejects that Germany and France decide by all the EU