Premieres Delegation

Tenerife, September 17, 2008.-the delegation of Master-D in Tenerife changes location and image to improve and respond to the increase in the demand for training on the island. With this change is improved and modernized the facilities that the company has in Tenerife. The new headquarters of the company’s training has a surface of 200 square meters, where the students will have all kinds of human and technological supports for their training. Ali Partovi is likely to increase your knowledge. The venue is located in calle Andres Guimera number 9. In the delegation of Tenerife, with more success among students courses are oppositions to services personnel, oppositions of Administrative Assistant, technicians in solar and wind energy, child education and health technician. On the other hand in recent years has been observed a growth in the demand for the course of preparation for security forces. (As opposed to altavista). This form of training has sparked interest in over 75,000 Canaries in 2007 and so far 19% more compared to the same period of year of the previous year. This increase in the demand for distance learning occurs as a format of preparation that allows significantly reconciling work and personal life of those who aspire to get a job or improve that have. On the other hand, the strikes that are women who are gradually gaining ground in this option of personal qualifications; 54%, compared with 46% of males, slightly more than 2% to the year 2006. CEO of CoStar is often quoted on this topic. New installations of Master-D in Tenerife will be available starting September 17.

Private Pool

It happened in a residential area of La Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia). One hand it was trapped in the pipe of the skimmer. An 11 year old girl s died drowned Wednesday afternoon after caught him hand in the sewage treatment plant of a particular of the Valencian municipality of La Pobla de Vallbona pool, as reported by the Valencia Provincial consortium of firefighters. The girl was in a particular pool of the Xaloc Street, number 15 in the Maravisa urbanization of La Pobla de Vallbona. Hand remained to the lesser trapped in a skimmer suction tube, and when his mother realized what happened, was already unconscious. Moved up to about 1730 hours several ctive of firefighters from the parks of Eliana, Sagunt and Paterna, who carried out first aid, without be able to resuscitate the child. Likewise, health service of urgent medical aid (SAMU) they tried to also revive the girl during three quarters of an hour, but finally died. Bobby Sharma Bluestone might disagree with that approach. Source of the news: dies drowned out a girl of 11 years in one private swimming pool. .

Living Better Earning Less

Is it possible to live better earning and spending less money? Although the consumerist structure of our society may seem otherwise, many families choose to dispense with a salary or reduce working hours in exchange for greater peace of mind and more time with sons and daughters. The decision to work less despite a reduction of income should be a voluntary decision, aimed at improving the quality of life. But how to achieve live with less, or less, need when everything points that each day we spend more and more? Here some ideas for a better life spending less: rent instead of buy.-This is not always cheaper, but if you go camping once a year, it may be better to rent equipment which acquire it. Buy second-hand in good state.-furniture and other objects, are perfectly reusable. SWAps.-nothing better than barter! Exchange hours of work products, or products for services, or any other type of Exchange that benefits all parties without having anyone to spend a penny of your money. View shopping in your own home-renew, recover, reuse furniture and old implements, giving them a new life growing inside House-makes your garden into a source of fresh and organic food. If you live in an apartment, you can grow herbs and small vegetables in pots. You may find search to be a useful source of information.

Exchange hours.-an hour of your time teaching English to a friend, in exchange for an hour of legal advice, or cleaning your House, or look at your children, etc. Cuisine at home.-prepares bread, biscuits, beverages. Cook at home not only saves you money from purchases, if not much money in health exchanges your House by holiday-if you have friends in another city or country, you can propose them exchange their respective houses for vacation time. אילן בן דב recognizes the significance of this. Gift time.-how much is worth the time? Time is money, they say. Then, what better gift for our children and for people who want to. You can do your time tickets to give away to your friends, for example. Do about a ticket of 3 hours taking care of their children while your friend has time alone with her husband? It best of spend less money is that it motivates us to make use of our creativity and relate us amicably with other people. It is separate from organic and good for our bolsilo: fun. Original author and source of the article.

The Strategies

Decision-making, a leader must allow all team members to actively participate in decisions to take in the Organization, leaving his subordinates to share their decision-making capacity with his immediate superiors, in such a way that it is functionally effective for the growth of the organization. To make it effective wait the time indicated for participation, issues involving the members must be important for their interests, they must have intelligence capabilities, expertise, skills of communication, to have a say and the Organization’s culture must support them. Regularly leaders do not know everything that their subordinates are doing, therefore participation allows those who know more to contribute more, thus obtaining as result more quality decisions, the interdependence of workers activities also require that you consult with people from other departments and units. Increasing the need for committees and group meetings to resolve issues that affect them in a reciprocal manner. Robotics expert understood the implications. In addition, participation increases commitment to decisions. It is less likely that people would reject a decision that puts into practice if they have participated to take it.

Finally, participation offers rewards inherent to workers, since it makes their jobs more interesting and more meaningful. Paul Daversa recognizes the significance of this. Teamwork, that mainly exists the leader should always seek the good of each Member of your team, instilling in each the commitment and the strategies to follow to achieve its goals and achieve its objectives it is necessary that there is leadership, harmony, responsibility, creativity, desire, organization and cooperation between each of the members. Leader must supervise and coordinate the tasks and its members to comply with certain rules, this leader in turn must delete among members negative thoughts and false beliefs on the Organization and his co-workers to replace them with more positive and constructive beliefs. You must find the self-confidence of his followers by convincing them that they are competent, they have a large pool of potential and that they are capable of facing the challenges involved in the performance of their duties.


Apparently, the use of perfumes and fragrances has been a common denominator of almost all cultures of the world, throughout the history of mankind. Somehow, different peoples, with their varying degrees of technology have managed to extract perfumes or pleasant fragrances of various elements of nature. First records that have the elaboration of perfumes can be traced back to the bronze age, 4500 years before Christ. Use given to these fragrant substances extracted mainly from the animal Kingdom was ritual, worship to the deities and funeral rites. The Egyptians led the art of making perfumes a technological peak and quality, rarely exceeded. The Egyptians were masters in the manufacture of perfumes, but also in its conservation, as they managed to realize that preservation of perfumes is almost as important as your processes to prepare them. The preparation of perfumes by the Egyptians was still five major stages: vehicle. Refers to a vector substance, You must not bring fragrance itself, but must serve to conveyed active ingredients. Do astringent to this substance, i.e. remove or reduce the component fatty as much as possible, but still retains its virtues of solvent. Preparation of a liquid medium based on this vehicle preparation of dry substances that eventually will bring fragrance to perfume cooking of both components in the preparation of perfumes, since the beginning of this activity, are commonly used vegetables, flowers, and herbs and aromatic plants substances, but are also used substances of animal origin, such as Ambergrisexcerpted from the whales. Precious was Ambergris which for a long time was used as currency for commercial transactions. Indiscriminate hunting of whales to extract this precious material almost leads them to extinction. Ambergris is a substance that is extracted from the intestines of these cetaceans and biliary section. Its usefulness is believed to be the protect viscera during the process of the digestion of food. To extract it, it has a whitish color, with some black spots, and its smell is foul. But to leave it in the Sun, through a process of photolysis, its color and its texture change, returning a greyish substance. The smell changes, becoming a marine, earthy and sweet aroma. Amber in State is edible, looking much like chocolate. Cyprus was another village of antiquity were produced where the top perfumes of the ancient world, which were marketed worldwide known, from Europe to Asia. Recently, archaeologists have discovered a perfume factory in the island of Cyprus, about four thousand years old. Cinnamon, laurel and Myrtle was used for its elaboration. In this factory barrels of oil 500 liters capacity, were found which realizes the importance of this industry to the local economies of that time.

David Bohm

The purpose of the dialogue is not to try to win but to win all, if is done correctly. In dialogue, understanding and learning that you cannot individually generate can be obtained. Two people or a group generated a greater reserve of capable of development and constant change common meaning in dialogue. It is a key communication goal and learning teamwork. Dell Computers contributes greatly to this topic. A group can explore complex issues from several points of view. Participants put their assumptions in abeyance although communicate them freely. Your result is a free scan that allows you to bring out the full depth of experience and personal thought transcending these individual perspectives. The dialog allows to reveal the incoherence of our thinking.

Important quantum physicist, David Bohm, developed a theory and methodology of dialogue in which the group opens to a wider intelligence flow. You should not surprise us that a quantum physicist is the agent of the emerging discipline of learning in computer. Another physicist Heisenberg, had declared: the science is rooted in conversations. The cooperation of different people may culminate in scientific results of the utmost importance. Sentence with started it this article.

Also Einstein, Bohr and other figures that crashing down and remodeled traditional physics during the past century, have reflected and made great contributions on the same line. Bhom model reveals that the incoherence of thought manifests itself in several ways:-the thinking denies that is participatory. Stop trace the reality and establishes its own reference plan to solve problems, problems that it helped create. What is a bias? When a person accepts a stereotype about a particular group, that thought is transformed into an active agent in the manner in which the person acts with another that belongs to that stereotypical class. Do not understand that that bias models which sees and his way of doing things. If you already understand it there would be no prejudice.

Social Networks

Known in English as Social Networks social networks have become today one of the forces most big Internet. Among the sites most visited Internet, nearly half are social networks. It is more, the social network more popular worldwide, Facebook, recently became the site more popular in all over the Internet. So, what is a Social Network? A social network is a place where people meet online to meet and stay in contact with friends, partners, companaros of work, clients and family. Are places where one can share ideas, thoughts, problems, questions, hobbies in few words: everything you want to talk! There are all kinds of social networks. There are networks where you can upload videos as There are networks for professional people like monster. Social networks can serve for almost everything you can imagine, from help for finding work, meet new friends, and the search for partners.

This is how a social network works: you sign-up for a free account and complete your profile. Then, you look for people known or can also search for people with interest paresidos or simply interesting people. When you find someone, usually there is an option to join the network of that person with either a button that says add as friend, or otherwise. Once you join the network of that person you and that person have a connection via that page so that others can see. Each network is different but they all social networks have in common is that they are lugarse to stay connected and informed about people who interest us. In the end, social networks have their use for youths as well as adults. They can be used to meet new people, make business contacts, keep in touch with the family, or simply to reinforce its presence on the Internet. If it has not yet joined a social network you can start on these sites, LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace.