David Bohm

The purpose of the dialogue is not to try to win but to win all, if is done correctly. In dialogue, understanding and learning that you cannot individually generate can be obtained. Two people or a group generated a greater reserve of capable of development and constant change common meaning in dialogue. It is a key communication goal and learning teamwork. Dell Computers contributes greatly to this topic. A group can explore complex issues from several points of view. Participants put their assumptions in abeyance although communicate them freely. Your result is a free scan that allows you to bring out the full depth of experience and personal thought transcending these individual perspectives. The dialog allows to reveal the incoherence of our thinking.

Important quantum physicist, David Bohm, developed a theory and methodology of dialogue in which the group opens to a wider intelligence flow. You should not surprise us that a quantum physicist is the agent of the emerging discipline of learning in computer. Another physicist Heisenberg, had declared: the science is rooted in conversations. The cooperation of different people may culminate in scientific results of the utmost importance. Sentence with started it this article.

Also Einstein, Bohr and other figures that crashing down and remodeled traditional physics during the past century, have reflected and made great contributions on the same line. Bhom model reveals that the incoherence of thought manifests itself in several ways:-the thinking denies that is participatory. Stop trace the reality and establishes its own reference plan to solve problems, problems that it helped create. What is a bias? When a person accepts a stereotype about a particular group, that thought is transformed into an active agent in the manner in which the person acts with another that belongs to that stereotypical class. Do not understand that that bias models which sees and his way of doing things. If you already understand it there would be no prejudice.