Radiotherapists Chemotherapy

A side effect of chemotherapy and radiation is hair loss wigs and their positive influence, especially after a chemotherapy treatment. In Austria, you have therefore the possibility of obtaining hair replacement on insurance. The doctor is out a regulation bill you. A grant is guaranteed regardless of the insurance. However, the amount of the grant is different from insurance company to insurance. Disease-related hair loss you can claim each year a grant for hair replacement. For this you need but every time the regulation Bill from the doctor. During a chemotherapy treatment, patients usually suffer complete hair loss.

Hair loss occurs at an irradiation, however, only if actually the hairy part of the head in the beam path and the radiation dose is correspondingly high. This applies to all hairy areas of the body (eyelashes, eyebrows, chest hair, body hair,…) to. It may happen that the hair remains thin after radiotherapy of head in the long term. The dose of 50 gray is Radiotherapists assume that not all hair roots recover. Wig and hair growth first must be made clear that a wig not harm your hair. Contrary opinions are only rumors. The fact is that not a wig will affect your hair growth.

Your hair grows as well as without wig under the wig. Not infrequently are circulating the opinion among chemotherapy patients, that the hair needs air and light to grow. Then many on your wig dispense. However, this is a complete misconception. The hair grows, if it wants to and can be kept up so to speak of nothing. To know more about this subject visit Neil Rubler. Are the wig wigs nowadays partially or completely from Monofillament hair approaches. Here, the hair on a nearly invisible mesh is tied, thus, one gets the impression, the hair would grow quite naturally out. So the wig in the face is not visible, there are so-called lace or film approaches in the forehead area. These approaches are the most important Innovation with wigs in the past 2 years. This hairs for hairs, is tied up on a nearly invisible fabric worsted, without requiring a transition to the skin to notice. The advantage is that you can wear hair just from the forehead, without looking, that it is a wig. After chemotherapy as soon as you have finished the chemotherapy treatment, your hair start hair to grow again. The hair growth is usually already a month after again. Patients are often positively surprised by the rapid hair growth. The impression is not deceptive. Of course, the hair in many cases only fail due to the chemotherapy, following, the treatment often acts as a pure miracle cure, which explains the rapid hair growth. But, this operation is not permanent. The effect lasts 3-6 months in principle. Then the intensity of hair growth is again mostly as eh and per. The hair of the patients is usually natural wavy after chemotherapy. The strength of the natural wave varies by Person to person. She can occur more easily, but also very much occur. After a year, this wave of below-the-line dissolves again. In most cases, the hair a lot grow back thicker than before. This effect can be observed only during the first year after treatment and then no longer occurs. Hair color changes happen very seldom. A few extra white hairs can occur, in principle the hair color but does not modify itself after a treatment. Basically, patients receive the same hair approximately one year after the completion of treatment as before.