Rob Fasting

Ambulatory vital99plus – fasting on La Palma Santa Cruz de La Palma – this tailored, accompanying you in your personal environment fasting concept differs fundamentally from the normal’ fasting fasting group while on vacation. It offers an ideal solution for all, that (be it first or, for the umpteenth time) would fast this but in their usual environment and not during a fasting stay elsewhere. Is the main reason for the decision to the walking fast, that one – for whatever reason no change of location it wants. This applies particularly to people who are professionally very clamped or go through a phase where they are indispensable, but despite (or precisely!) urgently a break or need a break for body and mind. Because you know certainly: If your everyday life is very hectic, spend much time for others and have little for himself, fasting is an experience that you should treat yourself. Her whole Body is detoxified thoroughly, is lighter, slim, portable and powerful at the same time, because he can release finally unwanted contaminated sites, and this not only at the physical level. \”While the tiresome diets more often Rob power and good mood or result in the vicious circle of the yo-yo effect, fasting releases additional energy as body and psyche also holiday\” have immediate employment with the topic of food.

What adjusts after two or three days, is a feeling of lightness, relaxation, renewal and often surprising release of creative energy. Also increases the confidence in their own abilities, because you can literally learn on your own body what vast energy reserves it has. A very soothing experience, especially if you felt previously burnt out and exhausted. Fasting can be such a significant impetus to a more health-oriented lifestyle full of well-being. There is still a pleasant side effect: after about a week shows the scale on average 6 to 8 pounds of less.

Gel Technology

The gel technology offers numerous advantages from the model layer of artificial fingernails. Gel nail are robust, look natural, and can be created also by beginners with little exercise himself. For beautiful and manicured fingernails, more and more women opt for a nail. While the nails not only look better, but they get also increased stability. The modelling and the nail design can be performed with various materials. d all about the problem. The UV-gel is very common and popular. Quick and easy great results can be achieved.

Gel nail is characterized by a natural look and a good elasticity. Due to the relatively simple technology, the gel modelling can be learned quickly and is suitable to the make it yourself. The biggest advantage, when it do comes to BBs itself, is the art of curing. The UV gel hardens only when it is irradiated with a special UV light. In this way you will not be at the actual location of the model under time pressure and can as long form and model until you get the desired result. Then comes the hand a few minutes under the UV light and the gel is hard.

When selecting the UV lamp, you should pay attention to a sufficient strength. With 4 tubes each 9 Watt UV devices are ideal. Here, you should make no compromises. For all young ladies who want to model your gel nail itself, the purchase is recommended a nail set. Also on the possibilities, the gel model situation leaves no wish unfulfilled. Fingernails can be strengthen or extend also when using tips or templates, in addition to a Visual improvement. On the gel, then, a great nail art can be created with pretty images from color or rhinestone. Approximately every four to six weeks must be replenished the model location.