PVC Sandwich

Despite significant differences in these technologies, the basic principles of production "Sandwich" panels in both cases are virtually identical. Both method can produce any desired panel thickness and size, with traditional locking connection of the "thorn-groove" or with special fire retardant Z-lock. Poster technology involves periodically pressing the "sandwich" panels. It allows you to produce a "sandwich" panels for window slopes, window sills, balcony doors, panels, based on SIP, ceramic materials, of course, the insulating modules with metal plates. Periodic lines are not demanding for the large size of the production area and it is cost effective in the performance of small and medium-sized orders.

The technological cycle of the stand equipment includes a series of sequential and discrete operations, the main ones being: profiling and cutting sheets of steel – plates "sandwich" panels – in the case of building panels; application of the adhesive composition, the combination of insulation from the plates, pressing the panels. Of course, all these stages are separated in time. As the adhesive can be applied one-and two-component polyurethane compositions of foreign and domestic production. Among domestic note the company TOP-SD" purposefully producing polyurethane adhesives for the production of PVC-, OSB – Sandwich" panels, including metal, ceramic plates. On bench technology is about 30-40% used in the construction of the "sandwich" panels. It is noteworthy that competition in this market segment is very high. If the 5-10 years ago, the market vendors stand for lines production of "sandwich" panels dominated by foreign companies, the Russian producers are now competing with them closely.