Computer Clone Or De Marca A Dilemma At The Time Of Buying

When we want to buy a computer are points that we must consider, exist several options like: Laptop, netbook, desktop, but in this case we will speak of mark computers or the well-known clones (armed). What offers each to us? Why to arm a computer if they already come assembled? Points important to consider when we want to buy a computer and to make the correct decision with respect to a one from mark or clone. These equipment has different functions, in some marks if the computer with the manufacturer buys itself directly can be armed with the characteristics that the specific user for an suitable performance, on the other hand the calls clones give the facility to adapt of one more a more customized way, the manufacturing marks handle a standard of parts generally and not always they adapt to the performance that the user needs. What is a mark computer? or Of mark: These equipment comes from factory assembled by the first house. What is a computer clone? or Clone: These equipment is armed with parts acquired by separated, usually they are economic and they offer one more a lower guarantee.

We see a comparison between the computers of mark and the calls clones. Computer of Mark Computer Clone (Armed) Is more expensive because their parts are certified by the manufacturer. They are possible to be armed according to the needs of the user without certification of the parts and therefore they have minor price. It is known that characteristic and that component they have, offering a guarantee on the matter. One does not know the characteristics his components and guarantee is not had exceeds they. Security is had of which their components are compatible to each other and offer a greater quality on watch. Security as far as the compatibility of the components is not had nor in their quality.