Program Pension

Software optimizes advice to insurance and financial brokers Mannheim, October 15, 2010. Insurance and financial brokerage helps the software AltersvorsorgePLANER from to make consultations efficiently and transparently. Functionality of independent of pension planning software was once again added to some effective tools help the consultant, together with the customer the pension individuelDer new tariff Finder example shows, which rates by which societies for the customers are best suited. Riester pension, basic pension insurance, company pension scheme or but private pension insurance – all rates are compared against a database of over 400 products quickly and efficiently. For this purpose, Prof. Dr. Thomas Dommermuth and his team from the Institute of retirement and financial planning, which is responsible for the design and programming of the software, examines different tariffs of almost all providers on the market with a new rating method. The new retirement savings calculator the representation allows building custom-tailored solutions for insurance and financial brokerage of financial relief from the old age pension Act and the citizens Relief Act, taking into account the increase in the statutory health insurance contributions 2011.

practical, a professional and legally compliant customer consultation is essential: the broker must communicate individually and clearly the possibilities for old-age provision each customer. The online financial portal it helps with the independent software AltersvorsorgePLANER. He can determine the individual pension requirements and then step by step to demonstrate the various options of a private or company pension. A variety of consulting modules allows for an efficient and transparent customer advice, which leads to tailor-made solutions. The software is independent of suppliers and individual financial products and allows a discussion documentation according to the provisions of the law on intermediary. The design of the Program is based on the typical flow of a customer call and optimized so the consultation process. Through regular updates, program and consultant always up to date remain.