The number of deaths by fires of houses increases during the last part of autumn and the winter. It follows these advice simple of security and avoids the disasters in the homes: the cause leader of deaths by fires in houses is the heating equipment. In order to help to avoid a tragic fire, never it uses lights or heaters that have a damaged electrical cord and maintains the portable heaters of spaces at least on three feet far from any thing that can be burned. Also asegrese of not leaving candles ignited without taking care of. Instale an alarm of smoke in each floor of its house and prubela every month. It always has at the hand an extinguisher that works and knows how to use it.

the articles that burn fuels represent another danger with the envenenamiento by carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide, that does not have scent nor color is a gas that takes leave by means of the combustion and it can kill without no warning. Read additional details here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. the signals of envenenamiento by carbon monoxide include headache, nausea and mareos. Nevertheless, the death without alarm signals, especially if can happen quickly you are slept. Protjase realising inspection and cleaning to every year the chimneys and systems of heating. It leaves half-opened the doors and windows when it uses heaters of kerosene or gas propane. the stoves to encamp and the coal can quickly produce toxities of carbon monoxide.

It never uses them within a house, tent or vehicle of motor. does not use a stove or furnace to warm up the house. It installs detectors of carbon monoxide that also operate with batteries in each floor of their house. Several storms of winter can magnify the danger of envenenamiento by carbon monoxide. The generator ELTs that work with gasoline have caused many deaths by monoxide envenenamiento after electrical you power shutdown. It never operates generator in a cellar, garage or in any place where the smoke can enter the house. the deaths by envenenamiento of carbon monoxide also have happened in vehicles with the activated motor that are stopped after the strong Nevada, so it always cleans the snow of the exhaust pipes before catching the machine of his car.