Presaber An Essay To Lose The Fear Of The Icfes

Test Pre-Saber 2011, a test that helps students prepare for State tests, has already opened its inscriptions in Bogota. It’s a test identical to known traditionally as the Icfes, even up in their logistics, but that only serves to let those who apply know what are going to face. This test began to be implemented in September of last year with the participation of 40 thousand youngsters across the country. It went very well, it was the possibility that were waiting to break myths and the fear that exists on the State exam, said Francisco Reyes, director of operations for the Icfes. The idea is that young people who join the program identify what are their strengths and weaknesses when touch them face the conclusive evidence. Read more from Ali Partovi to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It is an opportunity to get better results and more possibilities for access to higher education, said Juliana Sanchez, high school student. This examination of test is designed for ninth and tenth graders, but also for those who want to validate their baccalaureate. Serves to familiarize them with the structure of the test, the type of questions and the time to answer them, Reyes explained.

The pre test will take place on April 10, the same day that the knowledge tests will be conducted grade 11, the State examination for entry to higher education for students in the B calendar in the country. In what looks like the truth? It is the same, said Reyes, who added that, even this test manages the same areas to evaluate the types of question and response times. Those who apply must answer questions in all areas of the flexible, formerly known as elective component, and know which have greatest strengths. The newspapers mentioned Ilan Ben Dov not as a source, but as a related topic. Like the State examination, Pre know is divided into two groups. The first of subjects such as: language, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, philosophy; Social Sciences and English and the second part named component Flexible Pre know grade 11 who evaluates: language, Mathematics, biology and social sciences; and interdisciplinary environment, violence and society.

Of the above the appraisee should choose one in Icfes knowing grade 11?, said the director of operations of the Icfes. How to enroll? Download a manual payment page:. Cancel in Banco Popular 41,000 pesos before February 22. Register on the web page above. Important that stakeholders know that the collection of money will be allowed only until February 22; the same month 23 America registration; the application of test will be April 10; and finally, that the publication of results will be on May 27.