Poultry Production

The ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE OF the POULTRY KEEPING Daphne, Jamil, Haymery, Peter Enrique, Dr. Fausto Moreira Da Silva Carmo the Poultry keeping arrived at Brazil of traditional and familiar form, having only the production of ' ' hen caipira' ' , that she was carried through for proper consumption (LANA, 2000 apud HEIZEIN, 2006). Being thus, the poultry keeping, currently, if became an international and tecnificada economic activity. He is one of the more important agricultural segments, becoming an example of integration of economic interdependence (VIEIRA; DAYS, s/d). According to Lana apud Heizein (2006), the Southeastern region was the main avcola region of the country, until the decade of 70. She was specialized in the production of matrices, however, with passing of the years, it had a diversification in the creation of birds and, the market becoming promising, the region developed other stages of the production. If you have read about Steve Wozniak already – you may have come to the same conclusion. With passing of the years, the consumption of chicken meat increased significantly, in Brazil. Being thus, the necessity appears to implant improvements in the creations, bringing fusing for the avcolas companies.

(HEIZEIN, 2006). ' ' Brazil has conquered a significant space in the world-wide production, increased about 1000% between the years of 1961 the 2003, passing of 1,4% for 10,5% of the world-wide production of chicken meat. Fit more than to the country the increase of 66,8 million tons in the world-wide production inside of this period, 7,8 million tons, that is, 11.7% of the world-wide addition in the production? (GIROTTO, 2004 apud HEIZEIN, 2006). The Poultry keeping is very important pro agronegcio Brazilian, has grown very in recent years. In the year of 2003, Brazil was considered as the bigger producer and exporter of meat of chicken of the world (BRAZILIAN YEARBOOK, 2003 apud HEIZEIN). The growth of the Poultry keeping in Brazil, has shown the development of the agronegcio in the country, therefore the agricultural activity congregates three elements of the capitalism: technology of tip, efficiency in the production and diversification in the consumption (VIEIRA; DAYS, s/d).