Pablo Freire

Inside of the context of the education for young adult, that emerges today as one of the significant questions of the educational process defies the young to produce knowledge and to create new practical strategical, practical of action, therefore the educator will have that to construct new to know next to these pupils, directed for the teach-learning of adults. The study guideline in the thought of Pablo Freire, respecting history, the desires and dreams of the citizens, considering the questions of sort and generation, the sociocultural and regional diversity of the involved organizations. It associates education of young and adults to the professional formation, taking care of demand you specify of the workers, including the necessity of insertion in the work market. Thus, the EJA although all the interferences, either social, economic, politics, cultural and educational, is entering in one serves as apprentice of transistion, leaving one-step where the modality counts only on the use of cartilhas and the individual effort of the professionals of the area, leaving for a stage of study and reflection for future changes, being based on the material supplied for the MEC. All theory on EJA, that perpassa decades and decades still continues in utopian plans, although is concluded that the educators of this modality to have this based knowledge and speeches theoretically. The impediment for coherent educative practical one with the social and cultural reality of its educandos is the lack of support of financial and institucional matrix, such as: the lack of specific material the support due of the public politics and the improper collection of the direction of the institutions with EJA programs. From these conclusions, have in sight also some consideraes in the direction to recommend that regular courses of qualification for the operating professionals in the classrooms of the EJA are made, so that the same ones can reflect on its practical and to create strategies to modify this practical descontextualizada.