National Polytechnic Institute

I had studied music at the INBA and that was really difficult, but I could understand, could read the score and run my guitar only needed to work hard to master the technique and reading, but I felt I could do and it was, then enter the National Polytechnic Institute to study Marketing and International Trade and it was really difficult but I passed subjects like applied mathematics, statistics, administration but is English? Of course that would put flunked. Not only was impossible for me now as an obstacle to finish my races, if I had already tried schools, teachers and all that could be all that remains is my last resort suicide, no, not true.

My last resort was to try another approach another way to learn. If my own mind trying some explanations why not listen to her, if I said that to learn something I have to understand and process to lock it up in my subconscious, it was time to intervene in the matter and solve the problem myself it first had to take stock of what I need to learn to communicate in English: First, understand that the English language is radically different to Spanish, Spanish is phonetic and not English, or that Spanish is pronounced as is written and not English, hence the first rule is clear: so far could say that 97% of English words are pronounced differently than they are written.