National Policy

This unchained the crescimentovertiginoso of crime aquisitiva7que reaches the fabric all social Carioca. This kept out of society army deviciados that enveredam for the world of the crime and that they provoke when surpreendidospela Military Policy in crime detected in the act, an incident of crisis with the taking derefm. Ademais, has those emotionally unbalanced citizens comunsque for the effect of drugs, that even though in ummomento of weakness, many times, only of emotional instability fazemalgum next to its social conviviality of hostage what proporcionala needs a reply threat, pautada in the gradual use of the force, of the legality of the ways of repressode agreement with the principles constitutional. The Military Policy Cariocadesenvolveu a brazilian doctrine of the use of the dog as sets less than letalcontra the causer of the crisis. The related Brazilian doctrine is used comsucesso in the RIO DE JANEIRO since 2006; if it differs from excessively for the world in reason of coentrar in the same surrounding that the PEC and the hostages. ' ' The doctrine that made possible the use deces as tool for resolution of ocorrnciascrticas is unknown in Brazil and it was created in the Military Policy of the State of the deJaneiro River (PMERJ), having as one of the inspiraesa technique used for Le RAID (Recherche, Assistance, Interventionet Dissuasion), Unit of the elite of the National Policy of France. The dadoutrina prominence is the technique developed in the CIPM Dogs queproporciona to the dogs the clear perception of (s) the person (s) that it must (m) serneutralizada (s), providing a bigger security to the involved ones in the crisis. In reason of the suaimportncia, this new doctrine desenvolvidaj started to be spread out for some Military Policies doBrasil and other international policies, being able to cite the Policy of SeguranPblica of Portugal (PSP) and proper Le RAID of the Frana.' ' (VALLE, 2009, p.11) In this meantime where it has a nicotomador of hostage, the national doctrine of the job of the intervention dog tticacomo solution of crisis occurrence is presented as the best alternativattica to neutralize temporarily the PEC.