Lose Weight

Why are we getting better? Why, it is worth the price extreme efforts to lose weight, how hateful pounds back? And well, if not to gain. For assistance, try visiting Peter Asaro. In most cases, we gain weight from what we eat more than required by the body. A cause of overeating is probably as much as people who suffer from it. And this is rarely the cause – the one and only: to fix it and everything will be okay. Unfortunately, being overweight, a problem of its disposal and further stabilization is usually "grow" from a whole bunch of reasons and excuses. Why do we daily consume more calories than you need? It turns out that only the psychological causes of regular binge eating – five. Clearly, that one visit to a therapist problem of excess weight can not be solved.

But in combination with other methods of psychotherapy gives real working results. There is an old medical joke: "No healthy people, there is nedoobsledovannye. Let us assume that we are "relatively" healthy, we are overweight, we want to reset it and, last but not least!, Hold it. But no diet for some reason do not help. Or, as is usually the case with diets help for a while, and then everything returns to normal. Agree, can (and should!) Eat right, but always maintain a diet – it is impossible! Psychotherapists "called them" would have "people with the syndrome of continuous diet. It does not sound too attractive, but in fact we are talking about us with you, the ordinary people who want to lose weight and can not. Or may be, but for a while.

And then – all over again. Well, if you just go back to the old weight, because it is often tongue treacherous creeps right. Slowly, but steadily. So why do adults, healthy people, really very much want to be slim and attractive (in our days, these two concepts have become synonyms) can not lose weight and keep weight within normal limits? The therapist this question has five answers. With that, interestingly, not necessarily true for you will be only one. It is likely that you'll find yourself in all five (your humble servant is 100% confident in the two descriptions about himself, and in two more doubts). So what are the reasons? About it – in the next issue of our magazine.