Incorporeal Power

The ascension of a new regimen of accumulation of capital, supported for the technology of the information, is transforming the relations of being able. With the revolution in the technology of the information, the knowledge finally started to lead the force and the money in the equation of the power. In this dimension they are in crisis the State-Nation and the representative democracy. Through multilateral agreements, new relations of being able are institutionalized and implemented for multilateral agencies, under the rules of supranational mechanisms, that if place over the institucionalidade of the State-Nations, in representation of the interests of transnational actors with expansionistas ambitions. The national rules of the State-Nations are redefined as ' ' barreiras' ' to be knocked down, opening way to the supranational rules of the transnational corporative capitalism.

The electronic nets create a type of being able incorporeal that it does not respect nor it needs national borders; in contrast, these if had transformed in inconveniences for the transnational interests. The power politician, to formulate politics and to take decisions excellent is, today, institucionalmente located in supranational mechanisms. Of deliberated form, the ideology of the State is substituted by the ideology of the market, that demands the weakening of the public sector and privileges for the private sector. Also it has a trend for the globalization of the power of the civil society, that if it is organizing in nets of being able social and institucional, to exert its influence on questions generated from the sociocultural revolution: with regard to the human rights, the conservation of the natural resources, global justice, etc. However, in the level of the system national politician (formal), the generalized sensation is of that the representative democracy already is not enough for practical the democratic one because, in the globalizado corporative world, the ones that are elect do not decide and the ones that decide are not elect. In the present time, the more capitalist individual actors of the Planet are transnational corporations, that today represent the modern version of the monarchy absolutist.