Frank Rechsteiner

In these cases, the distribution is with acquired by employees, who are not targeted for demands sale trained and working in other functions. 3: needs an employee who wants to expel from the area of SAP products and services successfully what qualifications? Frank Rechsteiner: every modern seller must be equipped with powerful databases, more efficient software and modern selling methods. IT side a modern CRM system is essential; In addition, more and more companies use new sales opportunities, the social networks and offer communication forums such as blogs, on the Internet. “” The sales staff, it is important that they not only have the hard skills “, how have technology, industry and process expertise, that is of course, but also soft skills” have, so comprehensive social and communicative skills. 3: Why is the combination of these skills for the SAP sales essential? “Frank Rechsteiner: as the experience shows, the most sales calls in the IT – and SAP industry revolve around figures, data, facts”. So, the salesperson tries to convince the potential buyers with arguments which relate to the offered solutions or services. These arguments can be the simple implementation and integration into the existing system environment in the case of software; Moreover, their functionality, price and the financial and technical benefits arising from their use for the companies. As shown by the experience further, are however only about seven percent of the buying decisions of such hard”facts influenced.

Sure, one reason is that there are now lots of powerful solutions and services in the SAP market, which differ only slightly from each other. 3: What is decisive for the bulk of instead Financial statements? “Frank Rechsteiner: well over 90 per cent of financial statements are decisions from the gut”, so purely emotionally motivated. However, these emotional decisions subject to chance, but follow patterns, which the seller in the sales pitch can detect and exert a positive influence through targeted strategies of motivation and stimulate.