Film And Film Works

As a film is called one on a film-makers detained picture and sound sequence that gives rise to the viewer the impression of a moving image. There are many different types of film. The best known is certainly the feature film. But still can be distinguished documentary, corporate video, training film, cartoon, film, and many other products. We must distinguish here between movies and film-makers. A film-makers, ie film, every image and sound is recorded on the film. In the recording and production process is not relevant. But even animated, animation and silent films are in the copyright sense. Not as a movie, but as a work of photo frames are protected, such as the cartoon. It is similar to slide shows. These are not designated as a movie because they do not convey the impression of a moving image. In copyright law to differ are the film work and moving images. A film work is generally referred to as a work of art in which the performance ofexercised and the artist used for its production plants merge into a unity as a collective work. This implies of language, ie, generally an expose, treatment, script and spoken dialogue, photographs and photographic works such as filmstrips, musical works (film music) and performances of performers, such as film music or performers, but also scenes, diverse scenery and buildings. But nobody would ever think to call a football live broadcast or Tagessschau as film production. These are known as “moving images”. When moving images, we define a simple movie without factory quality. The film producer was awarded to them a related right. Moving images are mostly of simple records such as amateur holiday and family films. But the cinematic portrayal of natural events, but after referring to the place of actual sounds, live broadcasts from artists such as opera performances and plays, performances of individual singers, dancers andMusicians. Even video games are known as moving images.