Actions we can

Actions we can take to do it: Create folders: it is important to our files well organized and follow a hierarchical or branching criterion of information. Choose names have to choose names for files and folders that clearly describe what it contains.There are some illegal characters for filenames: /: “> < See details and attributes: to organize the files it is also important that we learn to see and manage information that identifies each folder and file, ie name, size, file type, modification date, etc.. The view "details" of Windows Explorer can help. Delete files and folders: It is best to remove those items you no longer need or are older versions. We must free up storage space on our team to have all the possible capacity and speed of retrieval and storage. Search for files and folders: can not remember where a file is found but the search function of our operating system allows us to locate them. It is therefore useful to learn and use. When you print a file: a file before printing make sure the content you want to print and it is advisable to use the preview option that some programs offer. Extensions: should be familiar with most common file extensions and also know what programs you have installed does not allow you to view these files. Using the attributes “read only” read-only attributes and hiding files and folders are very useful to protect information deemed sensitive. Maintenance: It is important that we use from time to time the system maintenance tools that owns the operating system, such as the defragmentation , the analysis for errors, remove and add programs, etc. Antivirus: must have an antivirus program installed and active, especially if accustomed to surfing the Internet . Backups: It is good to back up important files to restore them in case of loss. bold “> Caution: it is necessary to take precautions when downloading from the Internet, using trusted sites and previously scanned for viruses .