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On the planet Earth is coming a new mass extinction of species. Plastic bags and the environment. Emissions and waste: recycling electronics for ATM, slick on the Neva, dioxins in the bottom of Lake Baikal, snowmelt and groundwater contamination waters. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kam VedBrat. Climate: algae blooms and carbon dioxide gases, climate change and allergy mystery of the Antarctic ice, warming and migratory birds. Green Technology: elektrotaksi the streets of Beijing and floating solar power plant in Israel. In the animal world: cultural advocate for homeless animals, environmentalists against lifting the ban on fishing sturgeon in the Amur, Geprokuratura check the fact of burning horses.

Scientific breakthroughs: saber-toothed cats, hunting killer whales, bear the secrets of hibernation, a protective gene of rice, wiping Capuchin monkeys, the new body of yellow narcissus. This is interesting: Environmentalists offer to untie avtonalog of 'horses', spiders chosen Sedans Mazda6. The dates of the week: Day of cats in Russia. Photo fact of the week: 'Growing sculptures from the soil. " Review of the week from 28.02.2011 to 06.03.2011. On the planet Earth is coming a new mass extinction of species Scientists note that what is happening today faster disappearance of many species of mammals may be a sign of an impending sixth mass extinction in Earth's history. Results in the history of life on Earth, scientists are five major, or mass extinctions, the earliest of which, Ordovician-Silurian, destroyed 440 million years ago, approximately 86% of the species. Over the past 500 years, had died at least 80 species of mammals, estimated experts, while the average of every million years, only two species disappears.