Alternative Medicine Reflexology

The foot reflexology is a so-called natural therapies or alternative therapies. It consists of the manipulation of reflex points on the feet, which send nerve impulses that act on our organs, muscles, bones and glands. The soles have represented throughout our body, we have more than 70,000 nerve endings connected to the rest of our body and when we apply reflexology, we could say that establishing a “communication” in which the reflex point would be the issuer; organs, glands, bones and muscles and nerves receivers transmission channels. It is amply demonstrated its effectiveness in many diseases and symptoms and properly applied, is suitable for people of any age and condition. Checking article sources yields Robotics as a relevant resource throughout. Although few, are some contraindications and side effects to consider and, if decided by self, we must inform us before you start correctly. Reflexology provides natural health, treating our body holistically, ie taking into account the relationship between different areas of the body and that of those with emotions. Do not forget that each emotion has a physical impact. Learn more about this topic with the insights from altavista. For severe or chronic cases is necessary to be adequately treated by a professional trained in this technique, but for many of the minor annoyances that diminish our quality of life in our daily life, self-treatment is an effective way to help ourselves to feel better.

Headaches, nervousness, muscle aches, mild infections of the throat and ears, insomnia, menstrual cramps, fenders, low, colds, anxiety … by foot reflexology can relieve and even, in many cases, eliminate them. It is also useful as preventive medicine. In short, reflexology offers a friendly and natural opportunity to improve and maintain our health. Anabelen reflexologist and masseuse, dedicated to natural health and personal growth.