Design Materials

Firms phony make the signs less expensive, but guarantees that your sign will work in six months, no. Remember miser pays twice as alteration and repair of signs rather troublesome and time-consuming process. 3. Design by signboard. Design designer needs to do, your insistence to make additions and changes to the design (because it seems to better your family, friends, neighbors) to anything good will not result, trust the professionals.

Type signs at night (montage) can be seen to manufacturing. Well, if an advertising agency two or more designers. Different vision and approach to design can create different versions of design work within one order and provide a choice of the customer best. 4. To pay the designer's work.

During the design must pay. Many bought the design in different agencies, choose the best manufacturer and bought quite a different firm, where cheaper, forgetting to pay for the design. Currently in the firms agreed to make the proper registration of designs, with subsequent transfer to the court and obtain a forgetful customer's hard-earned money. Mikkel Svane is full of insight into the issues. 5. Choose the material and manufacturing technology. The materials of which it is supposed to produce the sign, the colors chosen by catalogs. Fabrication technology can be seen at work (at the same time look at where and who manufactures signs). Insist on installing energy-saving elements of signage (which would lead to more expensive boards, but the payment for electricity will be repaid with interest). 6. To set a date of manufacture, competently draw up a contract. Date of manufacture and assembly of connecting a simple banner light box from 10 to 17 days. For periods affected by the availability of materials for making signs. Do suppliers of promotional materials can not be the color film, a banner in the presence of the desired size. Plan to sign in advance because reducing production time increases the cost of signs (since the producer has to shift the deadlines for other projects and to pay fines). The contract should prescribe not only the standard points, cost, timing, responsibility, and the materials of which will be a sign, colors, materials manufacturers and the warranty service for each material separately (eg on self-adhesive applique year warranty on the supporting structure 3 years, etc.). The agreement is attached budget (costing) and a photomontage. 7. Matching (registration) signs. Signs desirable to harmonize not only the relevant authorities, but also with neighbors living above your store. 8. Cleaning signs. Signboards should be washed at least 2 times a year. Refer to the manufacturer, if the service is notified, or cleaning service, it's not so expensive. 9. The choice of additional services. In a sign we have determined, but without quality and intelligent navigation system to find a particular store, a boutique in the mall, the firm or organization in an office building, and even the office building in a certain area of the city is quite difficult. Proper location of the navigation and advertising panels, pillars, advertising stelae, thematically decorated showcase, design advertising retail space, interiors, reception desks, drawing on the car of your corporate logo placement on the means of outdoor advertising – billboards 3:6 m, firewalls, prizmatronah on mediaekranah, rooftop units, here a small list of extra services offered by the manufacturers of outdoor advertising.