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In this report why there are not only eBay in the network but shown other auction houses and why you can also well be buy you. A technical report by an operator of an auction house. Dear readers and readers, I would like to show you in this report should auction houses such as eBay slowly lose its appeal and why you look also at other. I myself am operator of an auction house. I have founded my auction house recently and am now very successfully so. However, I would like to anticipate already not my auction or another auction house mention that certainly, how the auction house will ever be a competition for the eBay trading platform. I would like to show you but you should rely not only on the auction site eBay. An alternative is for example: Auction, the reason is simple.

You can see more in media as the monopolist eBay can be so slow to grow its position as market leader over his head. If you look at individual auctions, are there Super deals, however, then look in the individual reviews of the members (seller), do you get a shock. Many rogue sellers that are partially in your reviews “scammers stand have”or”progress bar is displayed for fraud” and so on. I even stumbled on even more of this seller and I need you, even the negative reviews and even a message on eBay directly, say nothing against such seller is done. Apparently says to eBay, “I earn my money to the seller why should I rausschmeisen him”.

This can’t be! And exactly that is the thing years past members of eBay more and more in the markets. I have several members of eBay who have simply no desire to let there may… in my own auction house Auction I have some feedback by members received that say “OK, here, although not as many members are, but you can’t really still a bargain and even sellers of” my auction house say “why should I not sell here I have nothing to lose but as there are no listing fees”. And if you look now on the net you can find some new auction houses that follow this trend. You don’t believe what you can do on the net at newer trading platforms for bargains when you think back there, is that long ago where you had this on eBay. I say to myself as a trading platform, one should not exclude the members or scammers offer you, but you should provide a platform on which you can have cheap sell and buy. And earn you can then easily by the mass which get then gradually. I hope to have helped you with this post and even new auction houses have you encouraged to try especially if it is free of charge.