Buy Inspection

Example number 2, for example you acquired the container but the documents do not pay due attention to passing month and comes to you in the face of the tax inspection, police, customs department for combating economic crimes, etc. And kindly ask you to show them the documents to your (still) the container you are showing them accordingly. Further inspection of the case number to request the customs service and here everything can be frustrating … With customs give the following answer: “a container has not been cleared.” But in the future can and do confiscate the container. Because it was imported to Ukraine are not legally represented, and it documents not correspond to reality. Based on this container or confiscated or sealed until the end of the investigation, which will result in either case, the owner contingencies, and many other inconveniences.

In future owner will spend much of their time and resources to solve the problem. There are other ways of cheating, that you may encounter when purchasing. We shall not present here all possible pitfalls, which you may stumble. Better we present to you something that you necessarily need to look for when buying such goods as container uneasy. What kind of information you will need to possess, buying the container to avoid many problems. 1) Buy a container companies have long been on the market.

2) The first step in the inspection, you must ensure that the numbers on the plates inside the container are not killed or not disrupted completely and carefully inspect them. 3) Also, all containers and refrigerated containers you purchase should have the relevant documents, namely: – the contract of sale – Invoice – tax bill – a copy of customs declaration. If you do not want to jeopardize their business, who give their time and efforts to be careful buying from lesser-known container merchants you. Our company is very careful to include his reputation. Therefore, all our container have been cleared and were successfully cleared – all further sales are made by us quite legally Years of experience and an established reputation in the market Ukraine allows our customers and partners not to worry with regards to documents acquired by our container. Buying container from us, it will always comply with all technological norms, stated performance, and comply with accompanying instruments.