Ball Python

The Python Regius is one of the most kept snakes in the reptile. But where does this snake and what looks like its Habitat? The ball Python is as impossible to imagine Terrariumtier since the 1990s. His calm nature and simple breeding made him a popular and esteemed reptile for the maintenance in captivity. In the course of time, a private market that enjoys until today of a growing following developed for. For anyone who wants to buy a ball Python, it is therefore important to worry, so that you can provide the best possible environment the animal on the natural habitat. Originally, the ball Python from Africa come distribution and behavior of King pythons. More from West and Central Africa.

Its largest settlement is Ghana, Togo and Benin, where he lives preferably on the edges of the steppe and forest. Page S. Gardner recognizes the significance of this. He is so not a tropical jungle dwellers, but rather in the steppe at home. During the day the King Python spends in his hiding place, which either consists of abandoned termite mounds, or other buildings. These are always a high air humidity and provide the necessary protection against enemies, as also the high humidity, which needs the animal of the snake. Only at dusk the Royal Python is active and embarks on the search for food. The Snake is imposed as Lauer hunters known as the animals landscape not hunting it lurks on this passing rodents by lightning strike and strangle. Hence the name of constrictor.

The imposed prey chokes down the ball Python to the piece and completely digested the rodents. After one to two weeks, he finally eliminated the remnants of food. The intervals of food intake are also quite large as in other reptiles. So the ball Python can come several months without food, but usually every five to ten days to find a new prey.