Arterial Ulcers

Some products, called ‘ exist; ‘ new tecnologias’ ‘ to assist in the treatment of the ulcers for pressure. The indication is the medical criterion or of specialized nurse. The results are sufficiently efficient (ALONSO; INSTALLATION, 2006) 2,3) PERIODS OF TRAINING (DEGREES) OF the UPS AND FREQUENT PLACES Maffei (1995) elucidate that ulcers are important complications of acute or chronic the insufficience venosa, that can be classified in Ulcers for Pressure, Arterial Ulcers and Neuropticas Ulcers. However, considering the nature of the present study, the same it will be focar in the ulcers for pressure. According to Dealey (1996), the ulcers for pressure also called of decubitus ulcers, are injuries caused in the skin, due to absence of blood for an area of the body. By the same author: GoPro HD. These ulcers appear for internal and external factors of the patient. The external factors that can provoke ulcers for pressure are: pressure, shear and friction.

The first factor is most important and leads to the ulcer for pressure when the fabric soft of the body suffers to a compression between a ssea salience and a hard surface. The blockage of the sanguine flow takes the tecidual isquemia. Bigger pressures of what the hair pressures provoke located isquemia. Persisting this pressure, necrosis of fabrics will occur. For the estadiamento, the ulcers in period of training II are caused by friction, trauma or for anal/urinria incontinence, when provoking maceration in the skin and consequence reduction of its tolerance to the pressure. When associating estadiamento of the UP and risk, some authors (Gawron CL, et al., 1994), affirm that the levels of risk of Escala de Braden are based on preditivos values of positive tests. What I could perceive with the relation to the ideology and the Systematization of the Assistance of Enfermagem (SAE) in some Hospitals, is that the interdisciplinaridade is inadequate quantitative and/or qualitatively speaking with regard to available the human resources and material, what they have made it difficult the implementation of protocols of prevention and treatment of the ulcers in its periods of training.