Allocation Of IT Services

Expert seminar is a key factor for the success of IT projects for government agencies and suppliers optimal IT procurement. For purchases of IT services, public IT project manager and purchasing departments must keep the provisions of public procurement law. This applies to any projects, now the creation of a virtual Town Hall or the software shopping for an elementary school. Typical types of IT performance range of IT project consulting, IT training, the provision of independent content provider services, the development and maintenance of software through the maintenance of hardware and the maintenance of Web pages content to the services associated with data processing. Managing IT services proves to be particularly complex and associated with high investment volumes and therefore with high risks.

In the German public procurement law, there are no separate provisions for granting IT. Consider the rules for freelance services (VOF) and the procurement and contract regulations come basically for services (VOL/A). In addition must the provisions of the documents for tendering and evaluation of IT services (UfAB IV) be observed. For a proper procurement procedures in the area of IT, it always requires a consideration of the case. It is all the more important to be familiar with all the details of the tendering procedure: liability of public procurement legislation and important regulatory aspects peculiarities in the specifications IT selection of the private partner acceptable forms of procedure for the respective projects and additional contract terms for the IT sector opportunities and risks of service providers in the IT procurement this specialist seminar participants benefit from the extensive expertise of the seminar leader. The new 2012 EVB-IT system contract will be presented during the seminar.