Tarot Cards and Energy

We see in this article the personality of each of the squires of the four suits of minor arcana tarot gypsy. Each of these characters reflects a positive card, and is synonymous with good news ahead. The minor arcana of the tarot cards are divided into four suits: diamonds, clubs, swords and cups. Each suit has fourteen cards, calendar numbers one to ten, and four figures: the squire, the knight, queen and king. Ali Partovi may help you with your research. They usually have a somewhat greater importance than the rest of the numbers, maybe because the person described in it has a higher specific weight. The squire in tarot cards usually represent a young person, with vigor, impetuous, but every club has different nuances.

The squire of gold is most responsible for the squires, reflects a young man who, despite his young age is mature enough to deal with issues of life successfully. Often the vision of gold squire gives us a point of view sensible and mature. You can refer to a new job or progress in the material plane. But these developments are not the result of fortune, or chance, but a sensible and consistent work. On the other hand, one could think that the squire of spades is the opposite of gold in the tarot cards. The squire of spades has the mentality of a child, impulsive, capricious, and not forget, has a sword in his hand.

Its energy is beyond proof. But not always, this vitality is well underway. In its favor, it can be said to be a character capable of great insight: as children, see when someone is trying to trick you. But it is necessary to control the craving for revenge that can arise at first, and think things coolly, to take the most appropriate course of action long term. The squire of clubs is a character in the tarot cards that are passionate about life. He also sees the world as the squire of swords, through the eyes of a child, but his energy, or violence, are more moral. Like all squires are carriers of good news. Through their innocence and their unbiased approach to things in life often can find solutions or outputs where others see only obstacles and problems. The squire of glasses within the tarot cards, presents and intuitive emotional power without limits. Although its head in the clouds, their feet are on earth. It is often the bearer of good news, such as pregnancy. The squire of cups is a romantic, a character where life has great emotional and spiritual superiority. In short, the exposure of one of the squires in the circulation of the usually represents a good news and are very positive letters, each with different hues, characteristic of the club they represent.