Academy Casting

The talent casting the Dream Theater Salome offers young artists entering the showbiz fit thirty-year anniversary of the Dream Theater Salome whose creator Harry Owens changed her something special: A talent-casting for the artist and creative this world in the artists Berlin metropolis, where artists, dancers, fire eaters, jugglers, jugglers, large and small, extraordinary people with amazing skills together. “Within the casting Dream Theater Salome talents casting” the various characters try their skills on the venerable stage of the Dream Theater of Salome, before the eyes of a jury to prove. The stadium is located, in a prime location, directly on the river Spree near Berlin Central station and the Government District. “Tasting” of first auditions to Dream Theater Salome talents casting “YouTube and MySpace are available to anyone on the online platforms. The March 17 with his dream Theater Salome by Germany Touring Harry Owens draws the stories for his pieces from his dreams and thus provides its audience with always new and exciting materials (information on the tour).In collaboration with artists and artists of various nationalities, these dream games are listed.

Within the of Owen with established Academy of fine arts”, new productions are developed and maintained an international network of artists. Harry Owens is his fantastic performances about the course of the world, to love, to the emergence of life, peace, it revolves around everything so easily escapes the watchful eye of much to busy urban dweller. Harry Owens is always looking for exceptional talent for future productions of his dream theater. “For this reason the casting show Dream Theater was Salome talents casting” launched. Artists, dancers, magicians, comedians, etc. (Similarly see: Bobby Sharma Bluestone). can show in this talent to so her dream of a commitment to meet. In addition to the chance to take over in a dream play, participants of talent auditions will receive the always important to growing media presence in TV and online media, and thus the opportunity to the public in this way to come into the limelight”. Last but not least on communication platforms such as YouTube and MySpace. “In the near future, the OKB is the pilot Dream Theater Salome talents casting” send, which documented the first casting of January 2009.