In combination with a special PIR camera room may even live to be seen and heard (via an iPhone/iPad for example.). The outputs of the alarm system via app you can also control, i.e. in the holiday It would be possible to close the Rolllanden, or light on and off to switch on. Protection against burglary: approx. 260 thousand burglaries take place every year. Much of it is perpetrated by occasional burglars. These are already deterred by the presence of security technology. Therefore, objects with visible alarm systems are often spared.

Protection against fire, fire and smoke: About 80% of the fires, which require at least one fatality, held in residential premises. Even if not the worst case scenario occurs, damage of health over the long term are to complain about. The costs for material objects go annually into the billions. With wireless smoke and fire detectors for the Secvest IP alarm system, effective protection can be built above. The sensor communicate via security frequency with the control panel. In case of fire (smoke or high temperature gate), the radio alarm alarm system. Depending on the default can sound the siren, all smoke detectors beeping loud and an emergency call via call (GSM module) drop off. Optionally also to a Security.

Alarm system: Protection against water damage: the penetration of water is usually only noticed when it is already too late. The cause can be varied. Of pipe break, burst hoses of washing machines, push the water through the sewage system in the House to heavy rains. The damage range from the filthy carpet, destroyed furniture, antique pieces up to massive damage to the Foundation of the House or trouble with the neighbors. A wireless water sensor would give an alarm on the alarm control panel when small quantities of water. It calls specific numbers. This greatly reduces the time to respond. A janitor could quickly turn off the water. IP alarm system: consulting and service: at, customers get more than just a naked burglar alarm. Interested can consult extensively and find so your appropriate alarm. Description of the company offers customers cheap and modern alarm systems and video surveillance with high resolution Monitoring cameras. Also as IP (network) Variant. The shop is completely over SSL encrypted and audited by TrustedShops. The payment is made via secure methods such as bank transfer and PayPal. Questions is the hotline on 0800 22 00 707 to reach.