Coca Cola Marketing

Can I do Guerrilla Marketing in social networks? But of course that Yes, through digital media and internet support we can develop very interesting and cost content guerrilla marketing actions. The guerrillas in digital media has, as whole, advantages and disadvantages, see below: advantages: cheaper. Wider audience. Faster and efficiency of analysis and measurement of results. You may want to visit Kai-Fu Lee to increase your knowledge. More easily visible and verifiable results. Interactivity. Ali Partovi has plenty of information regarding this issue. Disadvantage s: greater quantity of variables to consider to limit the group or target object of the guerrillas.

More diffuse effect (a banner or advertising of digital image is easier to forget that the poster covering everything a building and one is able to remember it forever). One of the common resources of the guerillas in Marketing is to leverage the impression that causes distortion of the size of objects do not remember you a giant bottle of wine? or the minibotellitas of Coca Cola? in order to remain indelible in the memory of the people. By this same, Guerrilla Marketing campaigns are often used to make Branding or releases and not specific campaigns for sale or attract new customers. For these reasons mainly the dimension tends to be one of the things that we can’t use for a digital guerrillas. Even so, there are many resources for use under the concept of guerrilla Marketing in digital media; the clearest example for Branding purposes and is the best-known as Doodles Google changing logo. I think that it needless to say curiosity aroused these logos alluding to the date we live or special celebrations. Now, on Facebook, we have on the one hand the possibilities that offer Facebook ads that are often somewhat less exploit the sense of Guerrilla Marketing as long as they have a small footprint and does not cease to be advertising, but it may be thanks to its segmentation and content cost the excellent trigger for a teaser campaign.