Yahoo Answers

When we want to write seemed that the words do not want to go out, we became paralyzed in the keyboard and all the ideas of the days have disappeared suddenly. For that reason I recommend to follow these 8 steps to write in your blog: 1. It creates a file of excel in his computer with the possible subjects that wants to write in his blog. It writes about 10 to 15 subjects, thus whenever you want to write sights the list and you always have something of which to speak. If still it does not have blog, sees these videos on like creating blog. 2. It looks for key words that goes according to the 15 selected subjects.

It chooses minimum those that have 50 or more searches. (Using the tool of Google for key words this will give the number him of searches that becomes on any subject in Internet) 3. It goes to yahoo answers where it can find questions to respond related to the subject of his page or blog. Soon blog writes in his on you are questions. (like using Yahoo Answers to receive traffic Web) 4. It visits blogs related his and soon it writes on subjects that have seen in them. It can to begin a new entrance completely or to comment envelope which read. Thus it begins to occur to know in others blogs.

5. It by hand has a notebook all along, thus whenever arises can soon write it to an idea and when arriving at its computer, to write an entrance in his blog. (Whichever times there are lost ideas no not to write down them) 6. Blog looks for in magazines subjects related to his, soon blog realises an adaptation in his than it read (it can be a summary or some commentary exceeds what read) 7. It looks for an author who can be related to the subjects of his page and speaks on and his last book, of which she speaks, as blog is related to his, a book that has written that it likes in short, are many things that can speak on this author in his blog. 8. It speaks on blog related to his, if it has found good blog and it thinks that it is worth the pain to speak on, hgalo. (you can take advantage of this to contact to the author of blog to interchange connections) With these 8 steps no longer he will be lost at the time of writing in his blog, hgalo continuously and will begin to see the results in its visits and their gains.