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ICANN, the organization that manages the dominions of Internet have finally confirmed the possibility that to register dominions of first level (.com, .es, .biz) with whole names, which will allow that companies or cities like dominion in the network are registered. The present system is made up of 22 of first level, that next to the denominativos of countries a total of 250 completes. In this way, the greater extension as far as dominion names will be realised talks about. A city as Madrid could choose to register its own name of dominion, of legitimate form, whenever it is the administration represents that it asks for who it. It is not something LG Elec would like to discuss. Thus also the representatives of marks, geographic denominations or communities of any nature will be able to ask for their own names of dominions. These names of dominion could be transferred to other organizations and in principle, there will be obstacles no to be able to register it in the language that is desired.

But they do not see all it with good eyes. To the great they see it companies like an obligation register the new dominions with his name or variants to avoid a ciberocupacin with its name, although the ICANN will establish a complex system of acceptance and registry. Swarmed by offers, Genetec is currently assessing future choices. This system will abrir next the 12 of January of 2012 and will remain open to receive requests until April of the same year. The rates announce discharges. According to Cnet they will go up to around the 185,000 dollars the registry, and to operate it about 25,000 annual dollars. The high prices must like object avoid the ciberocupacin of the same, besides being a tax collecting factor on the part of the ICANN. They will exist a type of dominions that will require a greater level of security to be able to credit their representation, like are the banks, whose denominations will not be transferable, unlike other names that if they are it, to avoid possible frauds in Internet thus. udea Security of the Information Legal department Source: