The Network

In order to check the program began, it was sufficient to specify only the network address of the server, all other settings were left unchanged. If we believe very little documentation for normal operation of the scanner 64 mb of memory is enough. Zendesk follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. She has used all available memory on your computer. As a result, all other programs at this time barely "moved". Pleased with only one – of significant errors in network setup, server and security system was not found. Because the scanner can check not only the local network, but also to remote machines, the next step was to test sites. How well that to connect to the web used sdsl, and not the modem – even in this connection, the process of checking a small site took up to 20-30 minutes. Tested a few cars, but there was not one in which the program would not find any sort of "holes" – Where there are more where less, but the security certificate it would be impossible to give any of them.

(Test results were then sent to administrators verified sites for information.) Setup program is not great difficulty, but still wish that the program is not full documentation, except for built-in directory. Even with a fairly good graphical user interface (the program has both English and Russian interface), it is worth it just to read about the rules of adjustment. The program lets you create rules for scanning, where you can determine what and how to check – this is setting the ports to check, type check the use of proxy servers and protocols. .