Marxist-Lenninst Philosophy On Materialism

Once upon a time in Soviet times, the Marxist-Leninist philosophy of materialism has taught us that you first need to build a logistics base and then make a cultural revolution. China this philosophy in their adopted and gently held the entire system to a market economy, recognizing the right to private property. Because they present in the consciousness of duality through Taoism and Confucianism. Our country did not understand how we continue to advance its reform. The Soviet system collapsed succumbed to chaos and the West began to rush between left and right, between the east and west. All the bug that did not have anyone to go anywhere, but in a state of their own reflections and do their job honestly and truth. That is, he had to go centrist path, taking into account its national interests.

Accordingly, forced upon us with the October Revolution in materialist philosophy the free path is completely swept aside. It was necessary to forge a philosophical concept, given the tradition of Christian culture. It's time to upgrade to the dominance of spiritual and moral values. At Robotics expert you will find additional information. Such a system requires a balance and equilibrium. There are no distortions or to the left or right, you need all the unity of interests and forces and material resources. This philosophy is dual, then there is no one speaks from a position of strength, all based on dialogue, discussion, well-balanced interaction on the basis of union and harmony. This is the most civilized and reasonable.

This does not achieve stability. And that means more investment and legal financial flows. And that means wealth and prosperity. This would also add innovation and high technology and rapid development of society, state and every individual comfortably for many years. In Russia, it's time to change ideologies and world views. Time goes consumerism and materialism, it's time to healing of the whole society, prosperity and regeneration based on spiritual and moral values. Russia belatedly, but took a few steps along this path. Positive changes and trends in Russian society are obvious.

The New System MKK

The new system MKK – renewable means of payment Germany with the Deutsche mark, was already a difficult task, because even then, our economic system has been plagued by capital flight–companies that disappeared in low-wage countries, such as Greece at that time, for example, -. This indeed happened today in Europe and not only in Europe, but in all rich countries. A strong currency to the euro, was an attempt – to face an economic and financial globalization, what ultimately ended up in today’s disaster with the euro. Only individual entrepreneurs came back and went more and more. Major parts of domestic production plants were lost and millions of jobs, the Federal Republic of Germany had, yes – you can put it this way, full employment. Is the trend for years on the cheap wage nation China and she was slowly, but surely the most colossal economic power this planet. China had the cheapest workers of the world with the help of its dictatorial system, the size of the country and its population of billions, and the Western world and its capital – could increase its wealth on the backs of these people.

China has recognized the moment used, annexed the capitalism and amassed huge state assets and currencies from all over the world. Today nobody can pass more to China, all are in intractable dependence. This economy has offered his forehead without trouble and damage from the financial crisis and emerged stronger from it. The independence and political isolation have never harmed this country but made it more independent and strong. China with its modern slaves that millions who produced and stabilized today with free knowledge and techniques as well as Western Know Howe, that our entrepreneurs in the Empire brought the middle. Dynamic and constantly invested Western companies by name and rank in China. This unilateral economic globalization for the benefit of the giant Empire is irreversible at the existing social standards.