Development is the process of long stated period to perfect the capacities and motivations of the employees in order to become them future valuable members of the organization. The development includes, beyond training, the career and other experiences. (MILKOVICH AND BONDREAU, 2000). Of this form, one perceives that the training of people has as objective primordial the improvement in the performance of the attributions of the position. In turn, the development has as target the perfectioning of on elements to the career, the professional education (formal, graduation, after-graduation) and to on aspects to the personal growth. Under the point of view of France (2010), ' ' the training cannot be seen by the company as a series of courses and events.

The expectation of the company is that the training can, identified with its objectives, to contribute for better qualification of the employees, being aimed at an increase of moral, efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and improvement of the environment of work and proper empresa' '. Tachizawa, Blacksmith and Richness (2001) affirm that one training program must pass for 4 stages of elaboration: diagnosis of the training necessities; programming of training to take care of to the diagnosised necessities; implementation and execution; evaluation of the results. 2. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT IN the PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Amaral (2006) affirm that the government nor always has the conscience of the strategical paper knowing of them and knowledge of its servers for the success of the governmental politics. On the basis of disgnostic maken a mistake, as the ones that we saw in the recent years in Brazil, where if atribua to the public office the cause of the public indebtedness and I the rendering of services, governing delay the proper construction of the nation. The regular investment in the pictures of the public administration did not reduce the government capacity. The organizations, better to direct the educative actions, must elaborate a Model of Education, or Educational, guiding how much to the values and the mission and to determine which the basic lines of direction that will go to lead the actions of the processes of T & D inside of the current context and future scenes.