Spray Tanning Salon

For months I've had a steady stream of tanners coming into my Spray Tanning Salon and leave 10 minutes later with the color of their skin, in any way different from what came with. However, come again and again. Why do you ask, does anyone want a free spray tan color? Not quite contrary to what the whole exercise is supposed to be this? Welcome to the new era in the spray tanning! Newest on the market that is gaining more fans and more spray tanning is a colorless liquid (clear) spray tanning solution. Once I had, it is difficult to return to the old solution that contains sunscreen. For years, sunscreen has been added to the spray tanning solution for two reasons: 1) For immediate gratification, so that immediately after the session, it seems that just returned from vacation, 2) To ensure that uniformity tan. Spray Tanning person had to know if you do not miss any parts of your body. The brown dye in the solution could show exactly where he had been.

The spray tan people often know that until now has to pay for those golden days the skin with at least one day of discomfort. When sunscreen is added to the spray tanning solution, is responsible for a multitude of problems? Often there are stripes. Sure, most terms in the first shower, but until then run with what looks like a map of a river that runs through the back of his legs. One dead give away that just had a spray tan. You can get dark spots, especially in the hands and feet. These are almost impossible to remove in a hurry. The brown dye gets on your clothes and underwear. Without hesitation David S. Levine explained all about the problem.

Again, most of it out in the wash, but if you try to use their good or silk satin bra, the only place for him after the meeting with a sunscreen will be in the trash. If you have large pores on the face may end up with a purpose "shin." Sunscreen is lodge in the pores, and take days to come out. Very unattractive. The same applies if you shave or wax their legs. You have irregular legs for a week. Since the bronzer is housed so deeply into the pores, it can keep coming out every day in your sheets and towels. Also in white clothes if you happen to sweat (no sweat bride in her wedding dress, right?) What if the spray tan tanning solution has no added? Well, the problems described above, simply do not exist. You get sprayed, and develop your own skin color. Full stop. The only drawback of being sprayed with a clear spray tanning solution is that you will have to wait until the tan for 5-7 hours. Oh, and another thing, you probably have to get a tan done in a spray tanning booth. The reason is that most of the technicians who tans with a hand-held spray unit simply can not do a good job without sunscreen. So form of spray tan these days is to jump into a spray tanning booth, 1 minute, then wipe down, put your clothes and be on your way. Continue to learn more with: Alina de Almeida. Unless, of course, want to be completely naked for 20 minutes or less in front of a stranger while getting spray tan and striped, blackheads and blemishes. The choice is clear. Boshena TanXtreme is an owner of a solarium spray in Byron Bay Australia. He also wrote a spray tanning guide, which you can see: