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In this seminar, you will receive the necessary tools you need to develop of your social media strategy. In the medium-sized, human and technical resources for the implementation of social media policies are limited. The desired success in social media can be achieved only in effective and efficient ways. Social media is opportunity and danger for the middle class at the same time. Also, if you decide, at present still not “join”: your company is already represented in social media by opinions from customers and employees. Take the oar in his hand! Learn where there are possibilities and limitations of social media and what tools your businesses are meaningful and goal-oriented now.

Learn how you step by step develop an authentic communication strategy for Facebook, Twitter, blogs & co.. Strategic social media planning from the seminar ‘Social media strategies for SMEs’ take you with: arguments for and against the use of certain Web 2.0 tools, practical approaches, which platform fits to your company, your employees and your customers and how you implement them. Content details of the seminar “Social media strategies for the middle class”, please refer to the seminar description. The headlines: 1 basic social media marketing 2. usage of social media in the communication strategy 3 DOS & Don’ts: social media in practice 4 social media policy and guidelines 5 social media (k) a breadless art? 6. Social media best practices develop their own social media strategy “Social media strategies for the SME” seminar is aimed at staff in sales and marketing, who want to get a qualified overview of possibilities and limitations of social media campaigns and build its own communications strategy. So you can try as much as possible of the learned immediately, we ask you to bring your laptop and your practice questions.

All participants will receive a participant certificate. Links: to the seminar description ‘social media strategies for the Mittelstand”experts of I.O. BUSINESS consulting for social media marketing (consulting, seminars, workshops, implementation, training, coaching) information the I.O. BUSINESS consulting company take on the topic of online marketing is to Exchange out of online marketing with an expert on social media marketing and other forms, please click contact us.