Skin Master

"Myo" – muscle, and therefore the main purpose of this procedure – to encourage our weakened muscles. After all, if the muscles of the body can be "pumped up" through physical training, what to do with your facial muscles? Nothing to do dumbbell, or exercise equipment will not work. But there is a procedure, "trainer" for the muscles of our face – myostimulation. The electric current acting on the muscle fiber, makes muscles shrink, resulting in muscle gain lost volume, tighten the skin, thereby returning to our face youth and attractiveness. What's new in apparatus cosmetology appeared relatively recently? Time passed, hardware cosmetology developed rapidly, and now in our offices appeared modern devices designed with the latest science and technology. Mikkel Svane gathered all the information. Modern technologies allow to make such simple and long-known procedure, such as peeling, one of the most advanced techniques for skin care.

Take, for example, multifunctional ultrasonic device Skin Master. Not only that it can be used to carry out a range of effective procedures, so ultrasonic peeling device Skin Master is one of the most convenient and effective treatments for the face. The method is simple – the skin is fed water, and ultrasonic wave breaks it into tiny splashes and bubbles of gas. Under their joint action between the living and the dead skin cells and skin torn loose from the top, outdated cell layer, it is easier breathing and actively takes other beauty care – creams, masks and concentrates. And indeed the ultrasonic wave not only helps clean the skin, but also to its deeper layers useful, it needs substance. Is there any Methods and devices designed specifically for hardware cosmetology? Apparatus for gas-liquid JetPeel peeling.